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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Need a Vacation from my Vacation

The Jetplanes headed back to Illinois on Thursday afternoon and got back on Monday afternoon. Let me tell you, while the trip was great...it went by way too fast and I am totally exhausted from it.

Sadly we had to put our 2 furbabies in the kennel, and let me tell you they are still tired lil boys, and probably still a lil pissed off at us. I hate putting them in a kennel, Milo hasn't been boarded in almost 4 years and last time Charlie was boarded he cried and didn't want to eat....yeah needless to say we were worried.

Thankfully, it looks like all went well, except the kennel owner kept calling Milo by the wrong name....he kept calling him Otis. Yeah...I know. But enough of me being the crazy dog mama that I am.

The trip was jammed packed with family, friends, and tons o' fun. I got to see my mama, Mr's grandma, our newest nephew, my grandpa, and tons of friends. We got to attend a fabulous wedding at a gorgeous venue, drank too much champagne and danced our booties off.

I seriously love attending weddings, especially those of my friends. I miss my friends so very much and its wonderful to get to see them at these important events. I love breaking it down on the dance floor with my friends and feel like we're taken right back to senior year of college...perhaps... dropping it like its hot on the dance floor.

You want to know what song takes me straight back to college days partying it up at the college parties, afterhours, beer breakfasts, etc....

Within the next year, all of my best girlfriends will be married ladies. Its so amazing to see us all growing and becoming wives and mothers. I love meeting and developing relationships with their husbands and babies.

Sadly my camera was D-E-A-D at the wedding...but I do have 1 picture. Thanks to my cell phone which was ALMOST dead.

Hope to steal some from others off of Facebook.

Side note - I was in desperate need of an eyebrow waxing so I got mine did at a Mastercuts near Mr's brother's house and he decided he'd get a haircut. Poor guy the woman brutalized his hair...he is still livid. Just because he's in the military people doesn't mean he gets a buzzcut...poor guy :(


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