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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

So late to the game...

Well hello there... We're knee deep in preparations for Mr. Jetplane's upcoming desert vacay so last night, while he was packing his 72 hr bag that can weight 70lbs and be on the jet with him, we watched Catfish.

Yeah I know, I'm so far behind. Well, sorry folks homegirl here lives in BFE and they didn't release it in theaters around me, that I was aware of :( Plus I've been trying to RedBox that stuff since it was released to DVD. 3 RedBoxes in our lil town and believe I've been checking all of them on the regular.

But I digress...we finally watched it. Mr had no idea what this film was even about but even he liked it. The commented...you and your twatter friends should be careful. Yeah he calls Twitter, Twatter.

I do think in this day in age of social media, its important for everyone to know this cautionary tale. I feel its even more vital for people in the blogging community to be mindful of these issues. Not to give anything away, but people out there on the world wide web, aren't always as they seem... I know a big DUH right...well its true.

We've all heard of the blogs and bloggers that aren't exactly what they seem or have fabricated an entire life for themselves. I think we all need to be cautious. We open ourselves up in this space. Whether to find comfort, compassion, friendship, shopping tips, recipes, advice, or a free 20% off coupon, we are opening our worlds and often our hearts to masses of people that we've never met.

Don't get me wrong, I enjoy this community. I feel thankful for this community. And on somedays, I will admit I need this community. But unfortunately the world isn't a perfect place, and some people are straight up crazzzzy....

Anyone else have any thoughts on the movie? This crazy world of blogging/twitter/facebook?


caknitter said...

I watched small bits of this film on one of the news show, Nightline or Dateline, something like it. Liked what I saw. Felt sorry for the guy because of the deception. Unfortunately, it happens too often.

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