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Friday, November 11, 2011

Pug Friday - Happy Veterans Day

Hello all... my lil Milo wanted to let you know today is a very important day...its Veterans Day. He wanted you to know that he's 1 very proud pug to have a daddy like Mr. Jetplane.

He's also happy that daddy has the day off and is hanging out with him all day (and may have let them sleep in a little).

Less than 1% of Americans serve in uniform and I'm honored to call 1 of those brave men and women my husband. Even though I hated every second of the 7 months we were apart this year while he was deployed, I still felt pride in every single one of them.

Take some time today to thank a Veteran, they deserve it!

I know I'm gonna take some time and love on mine today :)


Lauren said...

A million thanks to him for his sacrifice and duty to our country!!!! Does not go unnoticed!!!!!

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