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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Jetplane Loving Round 1

We're gonna have to break this into a couple parts because, #1 I'm totally lazy, #2 blogger takes FOREVER, #3 I'm already bored... sorry I guess I should get a point for honesty.

These lovely photos were taken by Michelle at Oeil Photography

We have been lucky enough to work with her on our engagement pics as well as my boudoir pics. She is a fellow mil wife and currently stationed in Jacksonville, FL. She travels back and forth to Pcola for shoots, so if you're in the Pcola and/or Jacksonville area, check her out, you won't be disappointed. She will travel for weddings.

This first section of pictures are mainly of the Jetplanes. Mr. Jetplane thinks we have enough pictures of yourselves, I think we can NEVER have too many pictures of us.

All the pics were taken on NAS Pcola. Since we are getting ready to move to NC later this summer, I wanted to pics taken here.

Yes, we had a family shoot with our doggies, Milo and Charlie. We don't have any real kids yet, and these lil (or big) guys mean the world to us.
The purpose of the pictures were for memories, but also these pictures will be used for most 2009-10 cards, Mother's Day gifts, etc. We'll need moving announcements, Christmas cards, and V-day for next year. (which maybe Ms. Nina can help me again with???)

Yeah here's my shout out to JCrew with my bright yellow bag.

Hope you've enjoy Round 1 of the Jetplane Loving.... stay tuned for more...
Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Help Needed

The Jetplanes will be celebrating our 1 yr anniversary on June 7th, yes its crazy soon and I have NO idea what to get the Mr. He's has 4 watches so no to that.

Any ideas? Also, he's 29th bday is in July, ideas?

FYI-Mrs. Jetplane turns 29 June 2nd. Please feel free to start planning accordingly.

We have a houseguest arriving tonight for the wedding this weekend. He is Mr. Jetplane's frat bro and a groomsmen in our wedding. He doesn't fly in until almost 11pm, Mr. is going to pick him up. (too bad b/c I work literally 5 minutes from the airport)

Gotcha get home and clean our casa.

P.S. thank you for all the kind words earlier today, we will be attending the service on Friday afternoon. His wife and I (& Mr) are the same age, it makes me really appreciate each and every day we have on this Earth.


My heart breaks...

As you know the The Jetplanes were out of town this past weekend, and Mr. Jetplane was actually on vacation for about 2 weeks. He took leave and just returned to his stash job* (busy work job) at the training squadron on Monday.

He returned to some horrible news. One of the instructor's within the training squadron lost his wife in a car accident on Saturday evening. He is now a young widow with 2 small boys, his wife was 29 years old. They were going to pick up their children, luckily they were not in the car at the time of the crash.

The accident occurred on a road we drive frequently and reaffirms the main issue I have with P'cola. People here drive like freaking idiots. There are fatal accidents on small 2 lane roads here ALL the time. I've lived and driven in metropolitan areas and rural communities, and I have NEVER seen such unbelievable disregard for human life as I do down here on a daily basis driving. It is not a joke when I state that I am almost in what could be a 'serious' accident once a week.

The horrible accident was caused by a driver of a truck that insisted on passing them on a 2 lane highway and in fact ran them off the road. The driver attempted to get back on the road and over corrected and was hit by on coming traffic. The driver of the truck that ran them off the road.... left the scene.

What kind of deprived jerk off are you? I hope the pain that you caused this young family lives with you for the rest of your life.

Please keep this young family in your thoughts today. Mr. Jetplane said that this man is truly one of the nicest and most genuine people he's ever met and it breaks my heart that he has to go through this.

It reminds you that life is a precious gift. That's why I remind Mr. Jetplane everyday we leave each other for work, that no matter if I'm sleeping wake me up, give me a kiss, and let me tell you how much I love you. Just in case, its our last opportunity to do that.

*Stash Job - this is a job he has been given since he's finished with his training, but due to his knee he can't be intense flight school. Which is the reason we haven't moved to NC yet.
Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Jetplanes Winery Weekend

As promised, here is a little better recap from the wedding. We had a great time. Good food, good drink, and good friends... nothing is better.
Here is a better picture of our cabin. It was really nice and had a wonderfully cozy bed that we both fell in love with.

Here I am with the lovely bride, K. Doesn't she look gorgeous. And that is her natural hair color, Mr. Jetplane asked me. I know she was blessed. She's a speech pathologist, I started college in that major but realized it wasn't for me at the end of sophomore year. We rushed together and lived together Jr. and Sr. year of college. She's an amazing girl.

Here I am with J, she just had baby C in January. K, J, and I all lived together for 2 years in college. J was a bridesmaid in my wedding.

Here we are chatting up on the dance floor.

Yes, maybe someone took her purple heels off and busted a move. I ain't too proud to admit that. I'm pretty sure I'm dancing to Bee Gees here... Yeah, Mrs. Jetplane has some serious moves...

My dress is BCBG, I bought it Fall 2008 intending to wear it to my step brother's wedding, but didn't. I bought it at 30%-50% off. They no longer carrying it in the stores, but you maybe able to find it at BCBG outlet. I paired it with purple satin Mia pumps and a small purple clutch.

Happy Tuesday....


Monday, April 27, 2009

Jetplanes are home...finally

The Jetplanes had another fantastically tiring and awesome weekend in the Midwest with family and friends. As you may recall Mr. Jetplane has been up north for 2 weeks and I have flown back and forth to meet him first in Chicago and then in St. Louis. We met up Friday afternoon in St. Louis when he picked up from the airport. We then headed over to my cousin's house who lives in STL.

The Jetplanes had scored great bleacher seats for the Cards v. Cubs game that night. My cousin and her hubby are Cards fans,the Jetplanes are not. But we still had a wonderful time. This guy was in the bleachers next to us. We didn't get hassled too much at the game, sporting our Cubbie love. But at the bars later, Mrs. Jetplane got into it alittle with some Cards fan (male of course). The drunks boys (yes Boys because they couldn't possibly be MEN), said rude and annoying sh!t to me. Well I'm a girl that stands up for herself, and asked them if they were seriously trying to pick a fight with a 5'2" Cubs fan? And just how immature are you? Don't worry... I held my own, and they all agreed that they were obviously very immature and drunk. Luckily, I had some friends in town for the game as well, and got to see them. Here's my MOH, Dr. W. Yes, she's a Cards fan and I still love her. Saturday we left STL for IL to go to my old college roomie/sorority sister K's wedding. Her and I are both from Southern Illinois and it cracks me up how 'different' our neck of the woods is for our friends from the Chicago area. Her and her hubby got married in a lovely Catholic ceremony and then the reception was held at a local winery. The Jetplanes stayed at one of the cabins at the winery. Check out of lovely heart shaped hot tub in our cabin... it was awesome. Here's a lil shot of the Jetplanes at the reception. Yes, I am sporting another ruffled dress.

Sunday morning we headed home and stopped to meet my parents at a Bob Evans off the interstate close to their house. It was great to see them. We made the long trek home and were so happy to get home safe and sound.

A better recap is coming...

Happy Monday!!
Friday, April 24, 2009

Puggie Friday...

Howdy Folks! Today is Friday and Mrs. Jetplane is on her way to St. Louis for the weekend. We're hitting up the Cards/Cubs game tonight and then my college roomie/sorotity sister wedding on Saturday.

Then the Jetplanes make the drive home. The LONG drive home.

So I'm leaving you with a little pic of my favorite pug....

Keep voting... FYI -the poll allows you to only one vote per a computer.
Happy Friday. Enjoy your weekend, I know I will.
Thursday, April 23, 2009

Killing you with pure cuteness..

I received this from my MIL and it sure did make my crazy day a little better.

Please keep these pictures in mind the next time someone says that they have to get rid of their pets when they have children...And last but certainly not least....

Happy Thursday to you all...
Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Sneak Peek - Part 3

She posted a couple today, can't wait to get my hands on all of them. As you can see Milo is the boss and sits in the driver's seat.
Actually they jumped up there when we got out of the vehicle. Milo looks happy but Charlie looks guilty...
Aren't they the cutest...

Oh... Mother Darling..

I finally got to watch Grey Gardens last night... And I adored it...

It was beautiful, heart wrenching, and wonderful The clothes, the crazy characters, the love, the everything... Oh honey...darling... please watch.

I have mad love for Drew Barrymore (pun intended if you picked up on it) and in my eyes she does no wrong.... Posion Ivy and Long Island Lolita included.

By the way... I finished Revolutionary Road and Are you there Vodka during my trip... reviews coming.

And I was also forced to watch Fast & Furious 4... no review required... car chases, half dress girls, and angry men. nuff said... Paul Walker looked hot though... but never took his shirt off :(

Happy Earth Day to ALL.
Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Men and boys are truly one in the same. Boys are supposed to grow into men, but men somehow are always boys... How is that possible?

I finally caught up on most of my miss Oprah's from the past week, and I got to watch the teen sex shows...OMG. I think I about spit out my Crystal Light Pink Lemonade that I was enjoying.


2 14 yr olds actually believed that they were ready for sex, yeah you read that correctly. Its shocking that after dating for 3 months and being totally like, in love, they were for their 1st times. Ummm... you're 14 dears, you know NOTHING. While I don't believe in all the tactics that have been discussed in these past few shows I do agree with a couple things.

1. Have a open line of communication with your child
2. Explain to them what sex is and how it affects not only your body, but your mind and soul
3. Help the child take ownership of their body, make them respect it and treasure it
4. Ask them the important questions and make them think about consequences (really think about them)

One interesting fact that was discussed is that a person's frontal lobe is not fully developed until around the age of 21. The frontal lobe controls impulses and judgement. This can explain a lot, or at least it did to me.

The funniest part was when the 2 kids were asked how long do they think this relationship would last after they had sex... They both said a LONG time... okay kids define LONG.

The Boy - 6 months to a year, I mean come on its High School

The Girl - there is no expiration date

Yeah... that's pretty much the mind of a high school (college and/or any) boy works...

What did you all think about the show?
Monday, April 20, 2009

Jetplanes hittin up the Chi

We had a great time in Chicago visiting with our friends. First things first, we went to the Cubs v. Cards game.
Mr. Jetplane loves the Cubs... Mr. Jetplane loves Mrs. Jetplane, his dogs, the Cubs, and BEER... As you can see... he loves beer ALOT!

We enjoyed the game, unfortunately the Cubs lost, but won the rest of the series.

FYI... for those of you planning on attending future Cubs or any games for that matter... never wear this...

Actually, if you ever plan on going outside, don't wear this. For the love of God and all things holy, don't do this to all of us that must look at you...

Work is really getting in the way...


There I said it.

I'm back from Chicago and had a WONDERFUL time. However, I do feel like I seriously gained 10 lbs. I haven't ate a 'real meal' since I got there. I'm in a bad way, and I have a wedding on Saturday that I need to look 'good' at. Well, 'good' is a variable term, but still... don't want to look like a fat ass.

Anyway, I'm crazy busy today and hope to blog about the trip some more this evening.

But one thing that had to be blogged about this morning, was the term that my girlfriends and I coined over the weekend... We started saying...."He's having a Massengill moment!" and/or "He's a Massengill!"

You see...what makes it even funnier is that guys don't even know what Massengill is... they think that name sounds familiar, they think they know 'who' Massengill is... but totally don't know its a brand name for a douche. Ha Ha!!! No idea that we're calling you a douche bag or that you're acting like a douche bag... OMG so funny... or at least we thought it was. Well, all day of drinking does make us some pretty funny ladies... if we do say so ourselves.

OMG... I'm pretty sure my body is going through grease/fat withdraws...

Happy Monday
Sunday, April 19, 2009

Back home...

I'm home and tired... can't wait to sleep in my own bed.

I wanted to leave you all tonight with a little more from the Jetplanes' photo shoot. I can't wait for them all...
Friday, April 17, 2009

Attention all mil wives...

I heard about this on the news this week, and the Jetplanes experienced last week.

Credit card companies are sending notices to their customers that due to the nature of the economy they are raising rates. We received a notice from BoA about our card. Actually, it was Mr. Jetplane's card that he got right after college and secured a lifetime 4.9% interest, yes LIFETIME. Well, obviously BoA and the Jetplanes have a different opinion on what LIFETIME is.

We received a notice in the mail that they would be increasing our rate to over 11%, yes more than doubling it.

Mr. Jetplane called and reamed the person out, but that didn't matter they didn't care we had a lifetime rate, and Mr. Jetplane said we'd drop our card with them. But then, he pulled the card that all military should be aware of The Soldiers and Sailors Act. This act allows you to do several things... 1st break a lease and another one of interest is that your interest rates can be capped at 6%.

You have to discuss that with the credit card company and you'll have to provide a copy of your orders. As a result, our card was on hold for a few days, but now we're locked in at a little over 5% interest on the card.

I wanted to put this information out there for those of you that might not know about this act. And with people receiving these notices, you need to act NOW and get this situation handled immediately. The rates will take place in the next few months, and by then it could be too late.

Pug Friday with a Twist...

Good Morning and Happy Friday to all. Today Pug Friday is going to be a little bit different. I wanted to take a moment to talk about Pug Rescue and Dog Rescue in general. Bumpkin on A Swing actually inspired me to discuss this. Her and her hubby's love of 'big' dog rescue and their stories have brought tears to my eyes on more than one occasion. So first off, THANK YOU to them and all you wonderful people out there that participate in dog rescue.

The Jetplanes really want to foster a dog, however with our current lifestyle its just not appropriate for us to bring in other dog, it wouldn't be fair to it or our others dogs we already have.

But due my own personal love of pugs I wanted to highlight one very special pug in our Pugapalooza contest and his own lil story that most of you probably don't know about.

Please read the story of Paul(ie) and his Mama, Sarah, from On the Rhoades of Life. Sarah was kind enough to provide a backstory on Paulie and give me (and us) an idea about fostering...

My story on why I foster…

It all started with Nutmeg. Back before I was married, my future brother in law had another friend who had a pug and needed a dog sitter one weekend. Up until this point, I had never really been around a pug that much, so I was curious. Insert Nutmeg.

We dog sat Nutmeg and I loved her!! Nutmeg was so sweet and so cute & I loved having her at our place. Keep in mind – I already have a Jack Russell Terrier, Abby. Nutmeg was nothing like Abby. Abby is independent, chases squirrels & loves fast walks, but Nutmeg was totally different. She would lay in your lap and had a cute little snore and just wanted to be your friend. I decided then and there that I wanted a pug someday. Little did I know what would really come of that.

So, when I was bored at work, I decided to research pugs and found that there was a pug rescue in Houston called PugHearts of Houston (www.pughearts.com). I spent lots of time reading the Pug Hearts story and checking out every page of their website (and donated $$!). The more I saw the little pugs on there, it just broke my heart. A lot of the dogs they had have major health problems from neglect. The pugs come from owner surrenders, shelters, found wandering the streets, etc. The worst story was someone getting evicted, moved out & left their pug in their place for 11 days without food or water before someone rescued him. WHO DOES THAT? Dogs can’t help themselves or get out of the situations they are in, so they have to rely on good Samaritans like the people at Pug Hearts to rescue them and give them a good home. I was truly touched by the things they do for these dogs. I decided that we would give fostering a try.

I contacted Pug Hearts & in less than a week (after a home visit), I was on my way to pick up our first foster pug. I showed up at the vet and my heart melted at our super cute, little snaggle tooth foster pug. Abby was fine with the new dogs coming into the house & she quickly adapted to her new “brothers”. (Personally, I think she loved the added trips to the dog park). Parker quickly came and quickly went. He was adopted by an awesome family of 4 and I knew he had found his forever home. I was so happy – just like a proud mom. I was even more proud (shocked) that I didn’t cry. Probably because I knew he was in good hands. I was surprised how much I truly enjoyed having our foster placed into a great home. One of the best feelings!

Paul: To be honest, when we first met Paul, I wasn’t so sure. He wasn’t quite as “cute” as the pugs on the website and he had something wrong with his back leg. He limped. The vet had checked him out and it looked like an old break that had healed improperly. Potentially from abuse. He had SEVERE heartworms on top of that!! I was saddened. Poor guy I thought, we would probably have him a while since he isn’t as cute or healthy and probably wouldn’t get adopted as quickly. I asked if they knew Paul’s back story and she said that he had been rescued off the side of a highway, but it appeared that he & his sister had come from a puppy mill by their mannerisms. They probably had never been someone’s “pet”.

We took Paul home and he wasn’t so sure about us. He hid in the corner and under the table at first. He had had it rough and didn’t need anything else to go wrong. To top it off, we have two flights of stairs in our townhouse and he wasn’t so sure about those either – especially with his leg injury. It took him a long time to hop up and down those steps, but eventually he got the hang of it and eventually he stopped hiding in the corner and decided we were the “good guys”. We learned that Paulie (we couldn’t call him Paul) loved toys and likes to sleep next to us on the couch.

We fell in love with the little guy and we fell hard. Who would have thought that we would fall in love with the pug with the messed up leg that initially I wasn’t so sure about?? Funny how it goes.

A lot of people have asked me: When did I know we were going to keep him? Please note: we never planned on keeping a foster for our own—I really was planning to just foster. I knew we were going to keep Paulie when we took him to the dog park one day for a Pug Meet up. Paulie was running around and SO happy! Well, the PugHearts folks were out and there was a family there who was interested in adopting. Cindy with PugHearts asked us to bring Paulie over so that she could introduce him. Immediately, I noticed how tense Jonny was. As soon as Paulie was loose, Jonny looks at me and said “Let’s go”. We leashed up Paulie and headed home in one quick movement. I knew then that this guy wasn’t going anywhere. Paulie had found his forever home.

For those of you wondering… yes, we do plan to foster again.

Fostering is a great way to help our communities – you would be surprised how many people have to give up there dogs due to health or financial troubles. Especially in these economic times, people take care of their pet last. If you foster, all you have to pay for is the food & give your love. I learned too, that if you have a dog already, fostering is a great way to see what dogs fit well with your other dog’s personality (Abby and Paulie are pals).

If you ever want to get a dog, even a pure bred dog, look for local rescues in your area. You will almost surely find any breed you are interested in – help save a dogs life!


Thank you Sarah!

Keep voting guys... I'm amazed with the outpouring of votes.

Sorry no pictures this Friday... have a great weekend guys.
Thursday, April 16, 2009

Pale in comparison...

Disclaimer: This is a scheduled post!

The Jetplanes live in Florida however, Mrs. Jetplane is a pasty white ghost. I did get a spray tan before our photo shoot last weekend. And Mr. Jetplane told me that he forgot how sexy I looked tan.... Well then... someone needs to get some sun... or hitting the spray tan a little more often.

But going through the pictures from our honeymoon for the zip lining post I came across this picture. OMG look how tan I was...
Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Just a little taste...

Here's the sneak peek we got from our photo shoot...
Say hello to Charlie...

In Honor of the Jetplane's Vacay...

For those of you that don't know where the Jetplanes will be for the next few days give a listen... to only one of the best bands EVER... that's right I said EVER!!!
Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Single and Ready to Mingle...

If the video is not showing...:( Click the link on the left...

Oh Mr. Jetplane...

You are indeed the love of my life... but seriously dude... I want to ring your neck sometimes.

Mr. Jetplane left for Illinois Sunday morning. He is going to be gone for 2 weeks. I'll meet up with him on Wednesday evening, leave Chicago on Sunday, meet up on Friday afternoon in St. Louis, and we'll be driving home together on Sunday AM.

So he made it up safe and sound but called me to ask me to bring his coat, he forgot...

Well, Mr. Jetplane I'd be happy to but that means I'm going to have to check my luggage.

Mr: "WHAT!?! You're going to be there for only 4 days!"

Me: "Uh Yeah. 4 days of clothes, my coat, and your Columbia coat! How does that fit into my small carry on?"

Mr: "Oh, ok good point. I'll borrow a coat from E."

Me: "Yeah! That's best!"

Fast forward to Monday morning....I send Mr. Jetplane a text message..."Did you remember to bring your suit for the wedding?"

I get a text message back..."DOPE!"

Yes, so Mrs. Jetplane has to some how figure out how to get her hubby's suit, shirt, tie, and shoes into her carry on bags for her trips to Chicago and St. Louis.

So I have decided to bring half of the stuff on Wednesday and the other half on next Friday. Am I totally annoyed... hell yes because you know what he didn't forget....all the baseball game tickets, his CUBS wear, and his XBOX (since someone is uploading all this cool, free, sh&t on it... yeah priorities are totally in order...

UGH Men!!
Monday, April 13, 2009

Rock of Love -- Jetplanes Style

Okay I have a confession to make... I watch Rock of Love, there I said it.

But I generally record the 10am showing of it on Sunday morning (its the new one) and watch it after I have returned from my Sunday grocery shopping trip and enjoying my lunch. Yes, I am a creature of habit. These habits were created while the Mr. was MIA at training for 6 months.

Well I did notice on the previews for this week's season finale that they were heading to the DR, where the Jetplanes had their honeymoon. And I saw that they were going zip lining, well if they are in Punta Cana there's only one place they could go, the same place we went. And let me say, they made it look a lot cooler than it was...
First things first.... We went in the pouring rain... and when I say pouring rain, I have never experienced doing any kind of activity for this long in an absolute downpour like this was. You can't really tell in the pictures, but it made us go faster so Mr. Jetplane loved that. We weren't really going through the "rain forests of the DR". It's pretty much up a large hillside with trees, it was fun and worth the money, but I wouldn't do it again there.
Here I am looking... very special... preparing for our trip... yes someone only had a sports bra and a white vneck hanes t-shirt to wear. First, I wasn't going to ruin a good t-shirt and 2nd well, I'm just stupid.

They served horrible coffee in 'tiny' cups... here's Mr. Jetplane enjoying some.

But the real experience was the trek up to the zip lining place. Its remote and uphill, and isn't on a real road. And with the rain, it made it even more difficult. It was down right scary at some points. I'm not joking... The drive was the adventure.
But we had a great time and when we came back to the hotel. They had drawn a bath for us in our huge tub with bubbles, rose petals, etc. I had never wanted to submerge myself in a tub of hot water more. It was the only day it rained on our honeymoon, which was great, and the resort really tried to make everyone feel great, since the cable was out as well. What are honeymooners to do with no cable and no beach... mmm... mmm... I wonder.
One other thing... We stayed at the Excellence Club in Punta Cana... was anyone else totally shocked to find a porn channel on their TV. Mr. Jetplane wasn't. And is this normal for adults only resorts? Just wondering...
Happy Monday.

Sunday, April 12, 2009


First and foremost, thank you all so much for the many people who have voted thus far, I really appreciate it.

Now, I want to comment on the comments that I've been receiving stating that its not 'fair' to have a grown pug picture compete with a puppy pic.

This isn't your competition, and the pictures for this competition have been selected for the past month or so. I don't honestly care if you think its 'fair' or not, the rules (which are mine) never specified that it would be all puppies or all grown pugs. And its my contest not yours, so your suggestions/demands/etc aren't really needed or required. Sorry... but I needed to get that off my chest.

Secondly, the pug that you are referring to has a puppy picture and a grown picture. The picture right below the puppy picture. Don't request to see an adult picture of the pug... its already there.

Thirdly, pay attention to the all the pictures before you leave comments. There is a mix of finalists that are puppies and grown pugs. I made the selections, sorry if you don't approve of my choices... but its my contest, not yours.

KEEP VOTING Contest Runs until May 10th...

Sorry to be a Debbie Downer there. This contest is supposed to be fun and I didn't anticipate any even slightly negative comments. So I'm bother by people's comments. And I wanted to put that out there before it could have the opportunity to progress.
Friday, April 10, 2009

Pugapalooza Voting Begins NOW!

Come One and Come All my friends, its time to vote for your favorite puggies in the Pugaplooza contest. Voting begins today, as in RIGHT NOW, and will continue until May 10.

Below I have given you the opportunity to view all the cutie pies again and to the right side of the page (should be) where you'll place your vote.

I'm asking all contestants to feel free to campaign for yourselves, call in your mothers, sisters, husbands, friends of friends to vote, because there will be prize package in store for you which I will talk about next week.

And the finalists are....

#1 Chief

#2 Paulie

#3 Alex

#4 LillyAnn#5 Buster Happy Friday everyone... Vote for your favorite and may the best puggie win...


UPDATE: I didn't intentionally misspell FOR as 'FO' in the poll, but now it won't let me change it...ugh... Its going to be a constant reminder for the month that I'm not a 'detail' person... please forgive me... Vote!

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