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Monday, January 18, 2010

The Life of a Military Wife

People leave me sweet comments and emails, thanking me for what my husband and I do for the nation. Whenever we meet new people, be it where we live, on vacation, visiting family, anywhere, people are so kind and generous, and tell us...Thank you for your service to our country.

I'll be honest, its weird. It kinda freaks me out sometimes. I honestly don't feel like "we" have done much, and neither does Mr. Jetplane.

I'm fully aware what my husband does everyday is dangerous. I'm fully aware that job is different from the 9 to 5 desk job, trust me I'm fully aware.

But I know ALL OF THAT will change when we have our 1st deployment which could happen in September depending on which base he is selected for. Its scary to think that our lives will hit a fork in the road in March. March is when we find out what base we'll be going to and a general idea of Mr. Jetplane's deployment cycle.

March is the month that we find out where we're going to live for the next 3 years. March is going to decide if the Jetplanes are going to be able to have kids in 2010. March is the month that we find out if we're moving again...possibly even to England. March is a big month but by no means is it the final stage for us here in North Carolina. Mr will still have class until June and then we'll move (or stay here).

{{Lord grant me the serenity and grace to handle this uncertainty without any or minimal freak outs!!}}

But I seriously digress... In the next year to 18 months my husband will be deployed. There I said and I'm dealing with, even though the reality of it hasn't really set in and I don't believe it will until we're in an operational squadron (right now we're in a training squadron).

But this week I've gotten a wake up. My dear friend Mandy watched her hubby and father of her 2 adorable kiddos deploy yesterday for 6 months. He is a navigator for the B-1. The Jetplanes became instant friends with them since we were all living in Pcola. Our husbands went through OTS together and went through training at NAS Pcola.

We were sad to see them go B1s and move to Texas and then South Dakota, but they're from Utah and wanted to be out in the cold (crazy I know). So we were really happy for them.

So please keep Mandy, her hubby, and kids in your thoughts and prayers today. She's a strong woman, I know she'll make it through these 6 months and come out on the other side even stronger.

And more importantly, please keep all our brave men and women in your thoughts and prayers.


MG said...

I don't think that y'all are the only ones who feel a bit of akwardness when people thank you for your service to our country. C has been deployed twice and still feels like he has not done much..at least in comparison to others that we know.

Deployments are a bittersweet situation. The months leading up to them are tough...but the homecoming is one of the most fantastic experiences you will have! Luckily, there are so many wives in the blogging community and the spouses at your own base who become a fantastic support system!

Tami said...

Will most definitely be thinking about you during this time of uncertaintly, and most importantly you will be in my prayers!


Mrs. D said...

Sending you positive thoughts to help deal with the uncertainty.

rachel said...

it is weird, isn't it? i'm smack in the middle of my husbands third deployment and when people thank me... i never know what to say because i know that the sacrifices that we make pale in comparison to some.

deployments are never easy and the really crummy part is that they don't get easier the more they happen. homecomings though? they make all of that just vanish.

keeping your friend in my thoughts today, it's hard saying goodbye.


Lindsey said...

thoughts and prayers are being sent y'alls way!

Bumpkin on a Swing said...

I think you will handle it with grace and certainity. I personally comforted knowing that the man who puts up with your spunk, will be defending our country, he will be well trained!
Any more decorating going down at
The Jetplanes?

DeDe said...

Eloquently said and I am sure you will handle it all in the same fashion. In the mean time, enjoy each moment with your husband and appreciate his dedication to our nation.. I definitely do! Have a great week!!

Mateya said...

I feel your pain and I understand the uncertainty. My Fiance is deployed to Iraq right now and it is hard, but my cup overflows with pride for what he is doing! Stay strong!

Mandy said...

Thank you so much Heather, I wish we lived closer.You are such a good friend & I miss you dearly.


Ashley said...

I think of not only your service to our country ~ but of all the major life decisions that revolve around it. And really having little say ~ just going where you're told. Hopefully your location and deployment will go as smoothly as possible and you are able to work in all the things you desire. I'm hoping for a Baby Jet Plane in 2010!! Our little girl will be here any day now!

Dezzy Lou Where Are You said...

It takes a special kind of person to deal with that kind of uncertainty. I have no doubt youll fly through it with grace and dignity. Well all be here to keep you company when he is gone and of course, well read all about your life wherever you may end up!

d.a.r. said...

It's so weird to be thanked. Sometimes, I just wanted a hug, hahah!

Hang in there, you will have a wonderful support system no matter where you go. The uncertainty is the worst!!

Lara said...

As a fellow military spouse, I fully understand your entire post. The thank you's bring tears to my eyes even to this day. To those people that thank my husband and our family for "our" service, I am truly grateful. I have also survived living as well as birthing overseas plus a 7 month Iraq deployment as my husband was the trauma charge nurse for a surgical platoon out of Camp Pendleton. He was not in the Baghdad "country club" by any means but I can tell you, WE SURVIVED through tons of prayer and communication. By reading your posts over the last year, I can say that you are a tough lady and will handle whatever "March" as well as the rest of your years as a military wife throws at you. If you ever need to talk or just want some advice from someone that has been there, feel free to email me. I never thought I would have my first child overseas but I did and now he has one heck of a story to tell. I wouldn't change anything. Best wishes to you and your husband that God will lead you where you need to be. ~Lara

Booklover1212 said...

From one military wife to another...I totally understand your post. Prayers being said for you and for your friend.

~ Jennifer

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