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Friday, September 10, 2010

Pug Friday - Pugs in Need

Today's Pug Friday is going to be highlighting a critical need that currently exists at DFW Pug Rescue.

- Following is from DFW Pug Rescue Club's Website.

Two months ago some of our most dedicated volunteers rescued 14 pugs from terrible conditions in a Marlow, Oklahoma, puppy mill. Three of these pugs were pregnant when we brought them into our care, and required immediate vet assistance. Now the Marlow Puppies have arrived! Thirteen puppies were born but only seven survived. One puppy is not doing well and may need a liver shunt to survive. Our doctors confirmed that these females should not have been bred again, and one of the females had an emergency C-section to save her and her babies.

Dallas Fort Worth Pug Rescue is in desperate need of donations to help with these little ones, and to cover the cost of the medical care that has already been given to the mothers. While we are struggling to catch up on bills from the puppy mill rescue 2 months ago, the pugs are continuing to pour in, with 10 to 15 per week coming into our care from all corners of the Metroplex. Every pug that we receive goes directly to our vets to be spayed, neutered, heartworm tested and treated if needed, and given up to date vaccinations.

Please help us to keep our doors open at this critical time in our history. Please donate to help our pugs. Please fill out an adoption application for the Marlow Rescue Pugs and help us to give these pugs the love they have always deserved.
Visit DFW Rescue to learn more or donate to help these needy pugs.


Anonymous said...

Awww those baby pugs are precious! I hope their health improves and that they find good families.

The very thought of puppy mills makes me sick... How horrible.

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