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Friday, July 23, 2010

Don't watch Mad Men...well you should start!

And lucky for you Season 4 starts on Sunday... Yeah Sunday as in the Day the Lord made for Eric Northman...but relax people God made DVRs so you can share in the delight of Don Draper, the Silver Fox Roger Sterling, sexy Viking Vamp Eric, and the hunky were Alcide...yes I excluded Bill because I hate Bill. (Read the books people you'd hate Bill too)

What you haven't watched the first 3 seasons and need to understand the pure awesomeness that is Mad Men...well you're in luck check out the link below.

Is anyone else concerned with how they are going to watch all the HBO shows, Mad Men, HGTV Design Star, and My Boys which is also coming on this Sunday (which is also another great show and set in Chicago). Ugh!!!!

Yes I'm addicted to television - SO WHAT!


Tickled Pink said...

mad men is soo good!!

Dezzy Lou Where Are You said...

We have it on our netflix list and thanks to you, now weve got it on our dvr =)

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