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Friday, July 30, 2010

Pug Friday - Doin it 1 Pug at a Time

Hello all and Happy Pug Friday. I thought for the next few Pug Fridays I wanted to switch it up a bit and feature adoptable pugs and Pug Rescues across the country.

Pugs are adorable and loving creatures and it breaks my heart to hear of people have to surrender them, being found mistreated, or alone on the streets.

While I was in Pensacola our Pug Meetup was excellent at assisting others find homes for pugs in need and I hope perhaps this lil blog can do the same.

So come one come all fellow pug lover and dog lovers, if you know of a Pug Rescue or Shelter in need, I would love to learn more about the organization and post their adoptable puggies on this site.

You can leave a comment here or email me at leavingandloving@gmail.com

Thank you in advance.

Picture pulled from Boise, Idaho Pug Meetup page


agent99 said...

Our beloved senior pug comes by way of NIPRA/Northern IL Pug Rescue. It's one of many rescue organizations who take in pugs in need.
DFW Pug Rescue, SEPRA and Ketuckiana Pug Rescue (KPR) are also very active in rehabilitating and rehoming need pugs.
Each of these groups would dearly love any help they can get.

PugHugs n' snorts

Gen & Lefty

kjpugs said...

Kentuckiana Pug Rescue really, really, really could use any help it can get. They've recently had to turn many pugs away from surrender since they do not have the funds or foster families. We're at our max with three but many people who volunteer have 9, 10, even 15 pugs. I'd love you to give them a look-see and get some interest!!!

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