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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Come on....

August has been the longest month of my entire life. I woke up today, looked at my calendar and shouted "Come on....how can it STILL be AUGUST!"

But the good news is its almost September. This is a HUGE month. Mr. Jetplane will start coming home. There is a light at the end of the tunnel...albeit its still a long ass tunnel but its getting shorter!!! Yeah!!!

And now comes the time when my heart fills with joy for myself but I feel pain for our friends. Our friends that have the sad countdown to when their spouse leaves to replace our squadron. They are in the boat I was in months ago. Trying to fit as much as possible into each and everyday you have with your hubby. Its a vicious cycle, but it is comforting that you know you have a whole group of ladies willing to stand by you and help you at any time day or night. It truly feels like a sorority in way. I feel like kinda like we've went thru freshman year together, learning the ropes, dealing with in immense amount of drama, and growing together.

A military wife is strange breed that you don't really know or understand till you've lived it. These women are AMAZING and I'm so proud and honored to call them my friends and my sisters.

Now...Let's get our men home!


PinkSass said...

August has been hella long.

I'm just so so happy that Mr is coming home so soon.

You military wives are something else. xo

Unknown said...

Yey! Glad hes coming home. That must be so hard.

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