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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Not a fan...

Somethings are just getting on my nerves lately...

I'm not PMS'n so that can't be my excuse. I think I'm just reaching the point of annoyance with deployment. Everything is rubbing me the wrong way lately.

Here are a few of the suspects that are on my sh!tlist this week

1. My dumbass Blackberry. I've been bitching about getting a new phone for over 5 months now. Why am I so damn lazy.

2. The scale..aka my enemy. Why am I so damn lazy...could also go here. I did lose another .6lbs at my WW weigh in this week but come on. I hate that others drop weight every week. I've lost like 5 lbs since JUNE. At this rate and eating disorder would be easier...I kid I kid people. I use sarcasm to deal with my problems :) But seriously, this sucks. I am such an instant gratification person.

3. And this.... is really annoying me. Any one else watch Design Star? Anyone else read the hilarious write ups each week by this lil sassy lady? If not you should. I'm at the point were I'm pretty sure they are keeping her on purely for TV purposes which annoys me.

Well I guess I should end it with something that doesn't annoy me. Just so you think I'm not a total Debbie Downer. If you are a True Blood fan, check out these two fabulous guys who provide some weekly dish about each episode.

Its hilarious...you're welcome.

Here's to a delightful Wednesday...yes there was sarcasm again...its my BFF :)

oh and ps to my anon commenter that said I was talking about deployment too much..airkisses :)


Anonymous said...

The scale is always on my hate list! Deployment or not.

I hate people who post anonymously. It's such a pathetic way to post!

PinkSass said...

I love those guys.

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