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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Oh boy...someone's husband needs to come home

So when Mr. Jetplane is gone for extended periods of times I start to get crazy dreams. While he was in Texas for training for a few months a couple of years ago that time coincided with my heavy immersion into Sookie Stackhouse and I was reading book 4. I had crazy (and perhaps slightly awesome) dreams about myself and 1 strikingly handsome Viking vampire. Yes...I just admitted that. My love of Eric obviously knows no bounds.

During this deployment my dreams have been just as strange. But last night may have taken the cake. I was having an affair with this guy.

But he's the crazy part...I don't even like this guy. In fact I seriously dislike him. His personality irks me and it has since I watched his reality show The Restaurant...did anyone else watch that sh!tstorm? No just me...figures.

So why did he appear in my dreams...ugh. I'm going to go try to wash out my brain with rubbing alcohol....I feel dirty and not in a good way.


bejellyfish said...

Ooo... I hate that. I have really awful dreams about cheating on my man with really absurd and random individuals sometimes. I wake up and feel really unhappy and scared. And like a very bad person. :(

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