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Friday, August 26, 2011

Pug Friday

Hello and Happy Pug Friday Everyone.... What a week! We're dealing with a situation over here. One big American Bulldog (known eater of things he should not eat) has ate one of Milo's plush toys. This is why poor Milo doesn't get toys alot.

Well I'm spending a great deal of time, praying and looking for dog poop in the backyard hoping to find a yellow, plush, wiener dog in someone's business.

I believe I caught the situation early and took him to the vet hoping that he'd just throw it up. Well that would be a NO. So now we're on meds to speed up digestion and soften up the situation to make it easier for him to get rid of said toy. I hope he had the brains to totally destroy it before he decided to eat it. It was already half destroyed...there was no stuffing in it at that point. He's a big dog, I think he should be able to pass it. I pray he can pass it.

So needless to say I need some laughter (and a glass of wine) in my life...

So without further a do....

p.s. our lil 3 legged puggie Carmine won 2nd place in the contest. That means DFW Pug Rescue gets $3,000. Isn't that wonderful. They just rescued a sweet lil babygirl, Ivy. She was left suffering at a puppy mill, thankfully a kind soul took her from the mill and now she's the wonderful care of DFW Pug Rescue.


PinkSass said...

Dude that just made my day. tehehehehe.

Hang in there friend..I'm always thinking of you.

Windy City Kelley's said...

Girl, you spend more time at the vet then anyone I know. :) I hope your pup feels better soon.

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