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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Come on....

August has been the longest month of my entire life. I woke up today, looked at my calendar and shouted "Come on....how can it STILL be AUGUST!"

But the good news is its almost September. This is a HUGE month. Mr. Jetplane will start coming home. There is a light at the end of the tunnel...albeit its still a long ass tunnel but its getting shorter!!! Yeah!!!

And now comes the time when my heart fills with joy for myself but I feel pain for our friends. Our friends that have the sad countdown to when their spouse leaves to replace our squadron. They are in the boat I was in months ago. Trying to fit as much as possible into each and everyday you have with your hubby. Its a vicious cycle, but it is comforting that you know you have a whole group of ladies willing to stand by you and help you at any time day or night. It truly feels like a sorority in way. I feel like kinda like we've went thru freshman year together, learning the ropes, dealing with in immense amount of drama, and growing together.

A military wife is strange breed that you don't really know or understand till you've lived it. These women are AMAZING and I'm so proud and honored to call them my friends and my sisters.

Now...Let's get our men home!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Pug Friday

Hello and Happy Pug Friday Everyone.... What a week! We're dealing with a situation over here. One big American Bulldog (known eater of things he should not eat) has ate one of Milo's plush toys. This is why poor Milo doesn't get toys alot.

Well I'm spending a great deal of time, praying and looking for dog poop in the backyard hoping to find a yellow, plush, wiener dog in someone's business.

I believe I caught the situation early and took him to the vet hoping that he'd just throw it up. Well that would be a NO. So now we're on meds to speed up digestion and soften up the situation to make it easier for him to get rid of said toy. I hope he had the brains to totally destroy it before he decided to eat it. It was already half destroyed...there was no stuffing in it at that point. He's a big dog, I think he should be able to pass it. I pray he can pass it.

So needless to say I need some laughter (and a glass of wine) in my life...

So without further a do....

p.s. our lil 3 legged puggie Carmine won 2nd place in the contest. That means DFW Pug Rescue gets $3,000. Isn't that wonderful. They just rescued a sweet lil babygirl, Ivy. She was left suffering at a puppy mill, thankfully a kind soul took her from the mill and now she's the wonderful care of DFW Pug Rescue.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Guess What?

Its almost end of the summer...

While most of the world is probably sad about that fact I am not. I'm freaking happy the summer is almost over. You know why? The end of summer means my hubby will be heading home. Its all classified so I can't tell you anything specific but in the coming WEEKS (WEEKS PEOPLE WEEKS, NOT MONTHS! WEEKS) he will be packing up and heading back to America. WOO HOO!

Hey sexy hubby....get your fine ass home ASAP :)

The Jetplanes have been discussing a lil post-deployment vacay and we've finally booked it. We're going to Hawaii!! Honolulu to be exact. Mr has been once but I haven't been before. Now that we live on the western side of the US it makes the trip a lot easier and less expensive. We'll be staying at Hale Koa Hotel . Its a military resort on the island which we've heard great things about.

I'm so excited! Thank you so much for those of you that have provided help and advice for this trip, I really appreciate it. Anyone else have any recommendations for things to do and see while we're there, I'm happy to take all the suggestions I can get.

But keep em' PG. My mother busted me out on Facebook letting me know that she'd like to get some grandkids out of this romantical vacay.... yes I about died when I read that as well. Subtle huh? Yeah...that's never been her strong suit!

Here's to time flying by (no pun intended)...
Friday, August 19, 2011

Pug Friday - Have you voted?

Hello Everyone...have you voted yet? Are you voting everyday?

Remember last Pug Friday I mentioned Carmine the Pug and the great work of DFW Pug Rescue? If not, click here for the post.

Well there is still time to vote for Carmine and help DFW Pug Rescue win some much needed funds. You can vote once a day until 8/21.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Sometimes I forget

Sometimes I forget how cool a job my husband has. And then I get a picture like this emailed me to me. Is it from my husband? Oh no... its from a fellow mil wife who's husband's jet is creating the shadow of the F15 on the side of the tanker. My husband's jet is the one refueling. She thought I would enjoy the picture...and of course she was right.

Its amazing to see it, even though I can't really see him. I'm not gonna lie, it may have brought a tear to my eye..or 2...or 3.

Happy Tuesday!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Pug Friday - Pugs in Need

Happy Pug Friday Everyone! Calling all pug lovers and all animal lovers in general...

Carmine is a special needs pug that found his perfect home thanks to DFW Pug Rescue, the largest pug rescue in the country. Carmine is a contestant in FuzzyNation Supermodel Photo Contest on Facebook and we need to help 3 legged rescue pug Carmine win. Here's the greatest news of all if Carmine wins the top dog DFW Pug Rescue wins $10,000 for 1st place, $3,000 for 2nd place, and $1,000 for 3rd place. Think how many sweet, needy pugs can be saved with $10,000.

So what can you do to help...easy VOTE. You must go to FuzzyNation's Facebook page and "LIKE" it. Once you do that, the SUPER MODEL Photo Contest Tab will so up on the left side of the page. Click the link and it will take you to the contest.

You can vote once a day until August 21st.

To quote DFW Pug Rescue's Facebook page

" A vote for 3-legged Carmine is a vote for every special needs rescue pug, Adonnis who has liver disease, Hannah who has a paralyzed larynx, Max who was used as Pit Bull bait, Boca who was kicked and whose jaw was shattered, Peanut the blind puppy abandoned in a Dallas park in August. PLEASE support these pugs and the 5,000 others we have rescued by voting everyday for Carmine."

Please take a moment to help this wonderful organization and all the needy pugs out there!

Let's make this Pug Friday Extra Special :)

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Not a fan...

Somethings are just getting on my nerves lately...

I'm not PMS'n so that can't be my excuse. I think I'm just reaching the point of annoyance with deployment. Everything is rubbing me the wrong way lately.

Here are a few of the suspects that are on my sh!tlist this week

1. My dumbass Blackberry. I've been bitching about getting a new phone for over 5 months now. Why am I so damn lazy.

2. The scale..aka my enemy. Why am I so damn lazy...could also go here. I did lose another .6lbs at my WW weigh in this week but come on. I hate that others drop weight every week. I've lost like 5 lbs since JUNE. At this rate and eating disorder would be easier...I kid I kid people. I use sarcasm to deal with my problems :) But seriously, this sucks. I am such an instant gratification person.

3. And this.... is really annoying me. Any one else watch Design Star? Anyone else read the hilarious write ups each week by this lil sassy lady? If not you should. I'm at the point were I'm pretty sure they are keeping her on purely for TV purposes which annoys me.

Well I guess I should end it with something that doesn't annoy me. Just so you think I'm not a total Debbie Downer. If you are a True Blood fan, check out these two fabulous guys who provide some weekly dish about each episode.

Its hilarious...you're welcome.

Here's to a delightful Wednesday...yes there was sarcasm again...its my BFF :)

oh and ps to my anon commenter that said I was talking about deployment too much..airkisses :)
Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Strap yourselves in...its gonna be a bumpy ride

If you've read this blog for awhile then you'll know that I am a rabid True Blood fan. Well, let's a take a moment to clarify that statement...I am a dedicated Sookie Stackhouse book fan and loyal watcher of True Blood. Due to my deep and undying (pun intended) affection towards the books I religiously watch True Blood.

Book 4 for me personally, is what lead to my love of the storyline. Obviously, it lead me to hate Bill and be TEAM SEXY VIKING VAMP 4EVER. (The latest book did have one questioning the Bill v. Eric saga again...no?)

I've been relatively quiet about my opinions this season. I wanted to absorb the storyline and see if the alterations that have been made were good or not. As we all know and I'm sure would agree, not all these decisions have been good ones....calling Mary Ann..anyone anyone?

I enjoy the witch story line. They have enriched it quite a lot and I find the resurrection and the Inquisition are very interesting additions. Lafayette, the mediums, the scary doll, ghosts, etc. are interesting and add to the story. I'm fine with those changes even if I find some of them tiring.

Anyone else glad those 2 dogfighting crazies are dead and I hope Tommy isn't long behind them. I'm so over that storyline. But Tommy turning into a alligator was one of the best things they have ever written.

I'm still a little annoyed with Hot Shot, yes they are inbred and a little weird, but we didn't need to make them methheads, white trash, dumb freaks. But I'm getting over it.

I guess my biggest bone to pick thus far is with the Fae. I'm disappointed in the changes and how the story has progressed. It makes future story lines totally improbable. But the same could be said about Eric's maker and how that plays out in future books.

Oh and Bill as the KING? BOO.

What are your thoughts about this season of True Blood? Anything you're looking forward to from the books and hoping to see in the show?

I will say that it does appear there will be a scene in the shower next Sunday night...at least from the previews...

Monday, August 8, 2011

No words...

My heart breaks at the news from this weekend about the helicopter crash and the American lives lost. My heart goes out to the family and loved ones of those brave souls.

When your spouse deploys you fill out paperwork outlining what you prefer to happen if something god forbids happens to your loved one. Who do you want at your house. Who do you NOT want at your house....etc.etc.etc.

Its a painful but necessary step. Mr. Jetplane's job is dangerous, even under the best (non-war) circumstances. He's always said no news is good news. Since the family of the fallen are to be contacted first, Mr. Jetplane wouldn't be able to call me and tell me he is ok. Because if he did that, we're a small group and it could be obvious very quickly who has been affected prior to the military being able to make contact first.

As I said a prayer for those families several times this past weekend, I put myself in their shoes. The painful wait for the knock on the door telling you that your husband isn't coming home. And then I prayed a little more...for them, for my husband, for the fellow warriors out there, for myself, and for this all to get over sooner rather than later.

Thank you to those brave warriors out there that gave the ultimate sacrifice. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

God Bless You and God Bless America.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Pug Friday - Hang Ten

Happy Pug Friday everyone... thankfully Twitter provided me with this little gem of a photo.

Happy Pug Friday. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

It creeps up on you sometimes...

I like to say I'm a pretty strong brawd. I can deal with alot and you'll never see me sweat. So far during this deployment I've taken some pretty strong hits and stood my ground.

I haven't broken down and cried very much and think that's a pretty big accomplishment. But I'm not too proud to admit that I randomly cry while I'm driving. I don't cry at the thought of him being gone but I cry at the thought of him coming home...is that weird? I start daydreaming about his homecoming and the tears start to flow. I allow myself to fantasize about what its going to be like to see him and running to him. I start thinking about what it will feel like to be in his arms again and feel his kiss on my forehead... and I lose it.

You know what else gets me going...music and this particular song.

I seriously felt like this song was written just for us...songs do that for all of us right? Mr. Jetplane tells me I'm crazy all the time so its only fitting.

On top of that we often say to each other "I miss you like a crazy person" or "I love you like a crazy person". I know it might not make sense to you, but it means something to us. We're both kinda weird and thankfully we found each other, no one else might be able to deal with us :)

But the good news is there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Our homecoming briefing is scheduled for next month...hot damn that excites me to no end. Can't wait to have my man back where he belongs... Mr got delayed getting into country, so I'm pretty sure he'll be one of the last guys back. Sadly I might have to attend 3 or 4 homecomings before I get to enjoy my own. Such is the life...
Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Oh boy...someone's husband needs to come home

So when Mr. Jetplane is gone for extended periods of times I start to get crazy dreams. While he was in Texas for training for a few months a couple of years ago that time coincided with my heavy immersion into Sookie Stackhouse and I was reading book 4. I had crazy (and perhaps slightly awesome) dreams about myself and 1 strikingly handsome Viking vampire. Yes...I just admitted that. My love of Eric obviously knows no bounds.

During this deployment my dreams have been just as strange. But last night may have taken the cake. I was having an affair with this guy.

But he's the crazy part...I don't even like this guy. In fact I seriously dislike him. His personality irks me and it has since I watched his reality show The Restaurant...did anyone else watch that sh!tstorm? No just me...figures.

So why did he appear in my dreams...ugh. I'm going to go try to wash out my brain with rubbing alcohol....I feel dirty and not in a good way.

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