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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Frustration Level: HIGH

Well my cute, white Sony laptop returned to me yesterday and Mr. Jetplane acted like it was all great, well NO its freaking not! Everything was wiped out....EVERYTHING. Luckily - our wedding, engagement, family pictures are all on CDs but I had them downloaded onto the computer, and I had edited over 100 of the pictures from the wedding. That 'free' program that came with my computer for photo editing - GONE, all the pictures I had taken from the past 8 months - GONE, all the images I have saved for blogging, home decorating - GONE, and all the CDs I had downloaded for my IPOD - GONE.
Yes - I should have backed it up. Yeah! Thanks! I'm well aware of that.

Am I totally and 100% pissed off at the world (my husband) and throwing an all out bitchfest party of 1 - HELL Yes! Mr. thought that all my pictures would be on my card for my camera...uh no... I download and delete them off when I upload onto my computer, uh do you really think that card would hold 1k pictures. Surprisingly I guess he did.
Any good news... well the Mr. took my old Dell into the computer place as well, this computer has been in the closet for 2 years or so, the power cord broke and I've been too lazy to order a new one and we had gotten a new PC so I didn't need it. Well this Dell was a college graduation present and my old work computer from my first job out of college. I wanted to pull all the pictures from that computer. Mr. had successfully retrieved all the picture so we have some vintage Milo puppy pictures (be still my heart).

But I'm still really upset about this situation. Considering my husband is the one that knocked my computer off the coffee table and broke my hard drive.

Anyway... on a MUCH lighter note!!

1. Yard Sale - thank you for all your kind words, to those that have emailed me, I will get back to you with our address.
2. The money will go to me getting a new cell phone, some spending money for our upcoming Biloxi trip, and hpefully some will go in the bank... here's to making some $$$. NO I won't be buying clothes with it.

3. I saw this driving into work today on the back from a van.

Not a big deal until I saw the front windshield of the van that had a wrap around decal that stated, " Yes I am one of those Twilight People!"


Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Oh no! I'm sorry you lost alot of your stuff on your computer! I had that happen once and I didn't have ANY of it saved or backed up. It sucked.

Hope the yard sale works out!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry you lost all of your pictures. I don't back up my PC, but I do upload all of my pictures to 2 different storage sites so I'll have them or be able to order them.

I'm a Twilight Mom, but I wouldn't put that information on my car.

Meg said...

Ha! I experienced that same-ish type thing when I bought a new laptop a few years ago, had it 15 days--just long enough to upload 1500 songs onto iTunes--and then it died. I was NOT happy!

Ashley said...

OMG - I would be freaking out. I'm soooo sorry!!! All I can say is that I'm super glad your wedding photos were on CDs. Maybe you can cope by posting Milo puppy pictures. Super sweet!

Mrs. Hanson said...

I had that happen to me once too!! It sucks. You want to kill someone. You hate the world!

Jessica Lynn said...

:( Oh, I feel your frustration. I'm so sorry!!

Melissa @ I Pick Pretty said...

Ugh, sorry. I'd be really frustrated too.

As for Twilight Minivan Mom? Uh, that's a bit much, and this is coming from one of "those" readers.

Allison Hasel said...

I feel your pain! My last external hard drive crashed that was my back-up. Well, in a rush to get things moved onto it I just dumped a bunch of stuff on it and deleted it off my laptop! Now all that stuff is gone. Just glad for you that the most important things (wedding, etc.) are still around!

Brandi said...

*puts frying pan over head* Is the coast clear yet? : p

Seriously though, I'm sorry you lost everything. : ( Sadly My laptop (second one I've owned) went out and they are STILL fixing it three months later. I had to buy a brand new laptop to keep talking to my favorite Marine in Iraq. Grr

{ps ... just got back from my five year old neices prek graduation where I learned her teacher is a total Twilighter! This woman has to be 70! LOL Even though I love the books it automatically made me think of you lol}

Sweet Simplicity said...

That completely sucks! This has happened to me before. I'm so sorry that you lost it all. Um, the twilight thing creeps me out. I love the Twilight books, but would never, ever put a bumper sticker on my car declaring my love for it.

Unknown said...

Oh no! That sounds horrible. I'm so sorry.

Don't get me wrong, I love Twilight. Just not enough to deface my car.

Mojito Maven said...

maybe we should make a decal for sookie stackhouse? Because WE are some of THOSE people

Sarah said...

I've gone through the same computer problem myself. A couple of years ago my hard drive quit on me so I lost EVERYTHING and did I learn my lesson? Nope. I just got my computer back from a month long absence after contracting a trojan virus (if you don't know what that is just think of a virus on crack) where I lost over half of my things. Luckily it was mostly programs and most of my pictures were saved, but STILL.

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