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Thursday, May 21, 2009

She's Crafty...

Well, at least I do try to be from time to time. Basically, I'm a gal with a lot of ideas, but a little lazy...so that's not always a great combo.

However, during our wedding planning process, I did it all and rather enjoyed it.

Which leads us to what's going down in our house right now. The Jetplanes are preparing to have a yard sale at the end of the month. We have a ton of stuff and want to get rid of it before moving to NC. We're talking some good stuff here.

Anyway, as Mr. Jetplane was going through my file cabinet in the office, stuffed with who knows what, he ran upon a HUGE stack of cards, all the cards we received from our wedding. I kept them, I don't know why but I didn't want to throw them away. I wanted to do something with them.

Then I ran across this from Nesting Blog and I fell in love. My initial (no pun intended) was to make our initial our of hole punches from our wedding cards. But I decided against it, however, keeping with the idea of doing something with the cards I'm in the process of making an art piece that will be framed. (the above idea will be used for our hypothecial child's room)

I've began cutting the cards with an exact-o knife into strips and doing a weave with them. I like what I have going on so far and since my laptop is still in the shop no pictures yet of my work in progress. Eventually, I am going to frame the my art piece.

Cross your fingers its works out, if it doesn't, well I'm not cutting up the cards from our grandparents and parents.


Lucky in Love said...

I can't wait to see this! I saved all of our cards too...so this could be inspiration for me :)

Anonymous said...

That is such a cute idea! I wish I were crafty enough to pull it off, but sadly I am FAR from it!

Miss E said...

Awesome idea...can't wait to see pics!

Sara said...

I might steal your idea. We have tons of wedding cards and stuff. We too are having a yard sale before we move. I'm super excited about it because our life feels... heavy right now. We combined households and haven't done anything with the excess.

Jessica Lynn said...

LOVE this idea and I'm absolutely saving it for an after-the-wedding project (like a year or two after!). So cute, and I can't wait to see how yours turns out, please don't forget to post it!

Sarah said...

That is such a great and creative idea!!! I love it! Can't wait to see pics!

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