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Monday, May 18, 2009

Here you go...

Helpful Mrs. Jetplane hint: If you ask for a referral to RueLaLa or anything else, give me some contact info. If you leave an ANON comment, I can't locate you to send you a referral.

So to all you that requested an invite:


FYI- I am without laptop for who knows how long. Story to follow... It involves a bulldog, coffee table, vacuum cleaner, and a husband...


Cher said...

Thought you might enjoy this post on my blog today about romance for military couples! http://loveactually-blog.blogspot.com/2009/05/military-romance.html

caknitter said...

Good luck on the laptop repair, if any are needed...it can be an expensive fix.
I can almost picture the laptop incident happening in slow motion..the dog running from the vacuum cleaner the Mr is using, knocks over the coffee onto your keyboard. Hahahaa

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