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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A Day to Honor

Today is Veterans' Day and I'll be honest with you, up until the love of my life became an officer in the USAF, I don't think I honored wholeheartedly as I do now.

It means something very different to me now then it did before. I am honored to be the wife of an aviator. I see how much hard work and dedication the Mr. has put into his training thus far, and to know once we get to NC its going to get even tougher, makes me so incredibly proud of him.

That being said, our journey thus far, doesn't compare to the sacrifice that other men, women and their families have given to our country. We have not had to experience a deployment. And while I so grateful for that, everyday that he's away at training, I remind myself to stop feeling sorry for myself about our current situation. Its preparing me for that deployment that will be coming.
So for today and everyday I want to say thank you to all that have served or currently serving our country proudly, and thank you to every family that has stood behind them.


Muffy said...

God Bless all our veterans!!!!

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