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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Things we do for friends....

This weekend, well actually Friday - Tuesday, I'm dog sitting for a friend of ours. Their dog is a rat terrier puppy, Wall-e, yes that's right, named after the movie. No I didn't participate in the naming.

Anyway, he is a very active lil thing and already pooped on the kitchen floor. Him and Milo have finally calmed down and appear to be somewhat ok with each other. But I'm pretty sure Milo is wondering if this lil "thing" is staying at our house forever to replace Charlie.

Our friend S, who shares the dog with her boyfriend J, drove up to Columbus, MS to visit him while he is there for T-38 training. (This is the training that the Mr. finished in October)

Even though I really didn't want to dogsit this weekend, I do totally owe S for all the help she gave me and the Mr. every time she has taken care of our boys. During our honeymoon, she lived at our house to take care of the boys.


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