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Friday, November 14, 2008

Pug Lovin'

So I've decided to do a post every Friday dedicated purely to pugs. I love them. I adore them.

So granted this is coming a little after Halloween but oh well... It was too cute to pass up.

Thank being said, I am starting to collect pics of pugs. I'm also happy to accept pug pictures from any of you out there in the blogging world.

Mrs. Newlywed, my fellow pug lover... might you have a picture or two of your baby? If so, we'd love to see it.

Here's my lil cutie pie the day of the wedding. He wanted to ride with us girls on the way to the church in the limo. He knew something was going down and he didn't want to miss something. The driver had rolled out red carpet and once someone open the back door at my parents' house he ran out, up the red carpet, and jumped into the car. He wasn't getting out. The driver closed the door and he was a happy lil camper in the air conditioned car.


Stephanie said...

ohh I may email you a picture on the side, but I post nothing that can give away my identity...even my pets. haha.

Shoot me an email at misadventuresofanewlywed@gmail.com and I will show you the cutest picture you have ever seen in your life.

Some Like it Southern said...

Those pictures are priceless!!! I love the facial expressions of pugs... I imagine them being very sarcastic and full of snarky little remarks, haha!
Can't wait to see more pug pics!

Lis said...

So cute!!! :) Great post!

Anonymous said...

This is sooo cute!!

Unknown said...

Is the top one Milo too? I love it.

By the way I feel so bad about the beautiful plant I killed. Future reference: Never buy a mom something to take care of right after she has a baby. ;)

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