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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Is it strange?

That I keep having dreams that I'm pregnant? I'm not pregnant, just to put that out there. And while I'm not an expert, I do think that me and the Mr. would probably have to be living in the same state to make this actually happen.

To make things even stranger, in all my dreams I'm pregnant by different people. Sometimes its the Mr. and sometimes its other guys from my past. This journey through Facebook and the ex's is doing some crazy things to my mind.

I'm bumping into sorority sisters I haven't seen in years, and they have kids, one has 5 kids. How on earth, did she find the time to have 5 kids since we graduated college (ok she has 1 year on me, but still), I don't even own a house yet. I have 2 dogs, and that seems like a hassle.

Maybe this is my clock beginning to tick, don't know. We want kids, we do. But is it bad to say that we don't necessarily feel old or mature enough to have kids?

We're almost 30 (ok we're 28, but still) that is almost 30. We've been talking about it more and more, but when we move to NC he'll be intensive 12-14 hours a day training for 9 months. Probably not the best time for a little one. We shall see...


Stephanie said...

I feel the same way as you do with the friends. I graduated in 2006, and I have three sorority sisters in my pledge class with 1 or 2 kids! They own a home, have kids, pets, play group...

We rent an apartment, have two pets, and work 60 hour weeks...not quite the same thing.

We'll hopefully have kids one day, but I think I am seriously behind the curve.

Some Like it Southern said...

I used to have dreams about being pregnant all the time. So I went to a book store and looked in one of those dream dictionaries and it said that meant someone new was going to come into my life... like a new friend, etc.

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