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Monday, November 17, 2008

Fashion Help Needed

I need some fashion advice here. I just bought this dress from the BR outlet. Its off white with navy, blue, and red. I want to wear tights and knee high boots, but I don't know which ones and what color tights would be best. I thought maybe the lighter brown boots with navy tights, but I'm not sure....

So your input is greatly needed.

Update - got a comment saying I need a black boot round toe with heel. I do have a pair, but I was hoping to maybe wear my new black riding boots inside of the ones with a heel. See below. Thanks for the advice.

And, thank you all so much for entering my giveaway. But keep it up girls, you have until Sunday at 12am.


yaya said...

Your fashion help is here.....Dear one, personally I think it would be best if you went shoe shopping...bought a new pair of black classic boots (oh darn you have to go shoe shopping) with a high heel and just so rounded toe....that way you will get more use from them and look like the fashionista you should be. Shoe shopping ...can you handle that?
(by the way I am the mom of the the blogger "The ever changing life of a military wife"....and I know fashion...just ask my daughter.)
Thanks for letting me give you a fashion tip.

Ashley said...

I am more of a pointed or square-toed boot girl. I just have a good pair of brown leather boots and black suede boots. I'm so glad it has turned cold so I can where my tights and boots!! I think the lighter brown boots would look awesome with navy tights and the dress. Great boots!! I don't think you'll go wrong either way.

Casey (@ Chaos and Cardboard) said...

OMG! My MOM is looking at blogs and giving fashion advice. Heaven help us. :)

I would go with the brown boots and navy tights.

Olde Town Style Guide said...

I am all for navy tights and the light brown boots! I think it would be an adorable outfit!!

You are making me want to SHOP!

Lily on the Road said...

Oh, I love it and definitely go with the black boots! Too cool, tre chic!!!

Chic Runner said...

gray tights with the black no heeled boots. Not a question. ha ha.

~Mrs. Guru~ said...

Where did you get those light tan boots! I saw some in a magazine and am dying to find some!

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