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Friday, November 7, 2008

A First Date I'd Rather Forget

Well here the post I was talking about yesterday....

I had moved to Indy and had been there a couple of months. I met this guy ( I don't remember his name) at a bar downtown with a friend of mine from work. He seemed nice enough, we hung out for a couple of hours, and I gave him my number. He lived in Louisville and was in Indy for a friends bachelor party. We talked on the phone a couple of times. He was coming up to Indy the weekend before Thanksgiving to visit his younger sister that went to Butler. So we planned a date. He was all excited about the date because he insisted it be a total surprise.

FYI - I'm not a big fan of surprises. I felt the need to tell him that a couple of times. I was warning him, more than anything.

So that Friday night, he comes to my apartment to pick me up. He gets to my place, and we decide that we're going to head over to the Cheesecake Factory and then off to my surprise. I'm thinking... so far so good....

It was cold out so he had left his car running. He opens the door for me and I'm overcome by first how freaking hot the inside of the vehicle was but also the horrid Christmas music that was blaring. Ok, what is a 27 year old man doing listening to Christmas music.

I'm begging him to tell me was this surprise is. He says "I got us tickets!"

"Tickets, what kind of tickets?" I say. "Are we going to a sporting event, the movies, a play?"

He says, "No not exactly..."

"Ok, well can you please turn off this music. I honestly can't stand Christmas music."

"Oh, really?", he says. "Who doesn't like Christmas music?"

"Me I guess."

We get to dinner and start to order. I'm still begging him to tell me what the surprise is.

"Well, I got us tickets to the Rockettes Christmas Special. Don't worry its going to be great!" he smiles.

I quickly shot up my hand... "glass of Pinot Grigo please".... (keep em coming.... I thought to myself)

So we headed to the Murat, a theater in downtown Indy. I was half drunk and sat through the whole ordeal, counting the minutes till its over. Granted I do love musicals and plays, but not a Xmas show, especially when it wasn't even Thanksgiving yet...

So needless to say, that relationship didn't go anywhere from there.

If you want to impress a girl like me, definitely don't take me to a Christmas Special.

But... the first 3 guys I dated in Indy all took me to Cheesecake Factory on our 1st dates... now that's a way to this girl's heart...


Chic Runner said...

Wow there is so much going on there, disturbing about the christmas music, I'm with you, and the rockettes are cool... on christmas. :)

glad you left him, but at least you got cheesecake out of it! YUM!

Kate said...

This cracked me up. What an odd choice for a first date!

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