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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Jetplanes' Midwest Adventures...

The tickets are purchased and we're locked and loaded. Once Mr. Jetplane gets home in the end of March through May is packed full of fun.

March 25th - ATL for Lou's Wedding

April 15-19th - Chicago - I successfully purchased tickets for Cubs/Cards series. Who's the best wife in the world? I am for sitting in the virtual waiting room all day.

April 24-26th - STL - trying to tickets for Cards/Cubs game on 4/24 and K's wedding in suburb of STL on 4/25 at a local vineyard.

May 2-6th - STL - My mom is having her reconstructive surgery in STL. (this isn't 'fun')


Mrs. Realife said...

Sounds like you are going to be one heck of a traveling "Mrs. Jetplane!"

Have tons of fun... I love going to games :)

Hope everything goes well with your mom's surgery...

Muffy said...

WOW! That is one packed social calendar!!!!

Miss E said...

Sounds like fun! You've got so much to look forward to come the end of the month. And what, only about 2 more weeks left to wait, right?

Sara said...

Will you post some of your wedding pictures, like the decorations and flowers and invites? What did your bridal shower look like? I've never seen a bride choose these colors so I'm up to know anything.Seriously, the invitations were so hard to find. Otherwise I'd have to special order in the correct colors

Sara said...

That would be great!


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