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Monday, March 2, 2009

Where in the world is... Mr. Jetplane?

*Picture in the office, our boys sure do love their daddy. Charlie is much larger now, but would still prefer to lay on top of his dad like he is here. Please excuse the huge stack of magazines in the corner, this was before the wedding.

Well, he's back from his lil squadron vacay, and I'm totally jealous. He had a ocean view room all weekend while in San Diego (for $27 per day), went to the San Diego Zoo, and visited with a friend from our old training squadron (Marine stationed there for Super Hornet training). He also had some "super secret classified military stuff" going on as well. But that part of the trip only lasted a couple of hours. The entire training squadron went on this trip. The couple of classes came to Fort Walton Beach to visit Eglin AFB, well of course we couldn't be that lucky. Eglin is only like 30 minutes away from P'cola.

Am I jealous... ummm yeah. He told me that we're going to have to go out there sometime. He said it was fun but it would have been better if I was there. He is required to say things like that but, I'm pretty sure he meant it.

So I have been getting some questions about Mr. Jetplane's status and I thought I would let you know.
*Here is Mr. Jetplane had our rehearsal dinner. As I surprise I had Cubs cookies made for him, he's kindly handing them out to everyone. We some very funny pictures of some of our bridal party (Cards fans) doing unholy things to them before eating them.

1. His knee is getting better, and he'll be 100% in June. He has been off crutches for a couple of weeks and out of the brace as of last week.

2. Due to his knee, he got rolled out of his pre-scheduled survival school, and he won't be able to do that until July. Therefore, we won't be going to NC until late summer.

*Here he is in his flight gear, this was the first day he brought it all home. I think its incredibly sexy. He always says that he get to wear pj's to work everyday, and technically I suppose that's correct.

3. He was in SD for a squadron trip, he is not stationed there. He is in the USAF and will be a navigator for the F-15E (E stands for Strike Eagle). In other words, he's "Goose" in Top Gun (that's the easiest way to explain it), but they were Navy in the movie. He will not be flying on and off a carrier.

Sorry for some repetitive information here, but I several new visitors, asking questions, and wanted to address them.

Now for some sad news.... Mr. Jetplane won't be coming home on the 17th.... he'll be home on the 18th... ugh.


Anonymous said...

I have the exact same Superman shirt as your husband! I wear it to the gym...it make me feel strong! :)

San Diego is the best...I hope he takes you soon!

~Mrs. Guru~ said...

You will have to go visit Cali! It was awesome when Mr. Guru and I visited!

jlc said...

Omg I was JUST complaining about the same thing. I have to repeat everything!

I wrote an entire post out one time explaining my life and people were like "OH hope the next 15 months fly by!" Nopeeeeeeee not exactly. We're done with 10 already.

Haha. But yeah, repeating helps apparently!! :)

PS Your pooches are ADORABLE!!

Muffy said...

We were BOTH in SD this weekend!!!! How funny!!!! I could have given him your swap package from Dugout Daisy and he could have given it to you! FREE SHIPPING! HAH!

Kelli said...

Oh I want to go to Cali so bad!! Sounds like he had a good time!

Chic Runner said...

Glad he is coming home soon :) and glad that everything is going well for him.

Sarah said...

Sorry he isn't come home until a day later at least you din't find out he wasn't coming home at all! I hope you guys have a super fun time!

With Love from New Orleans said...

LOVE the picture of the puppies!!

The Mrs. said...

usaf. yikes I wont hold that against you. kidding, really. My son was standing here and saw the pic of your husband in full flight "stuff" and said oh its dad. a bit odd but yet oh so normal.Thanks for the repeat its nice to get caught up. Now I have my bearings straight it will be easier to follow. : )

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