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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Wedding Blogs...

Oh Wedding Blogs, you were my crack for far too long. I loved you and was addicted to you. I'm proud to say that I am slowing weening myself off the hard stuff.

Unfortunately, I found the blogging world a little later in the wedding process, but it was still a huge help. These wonderful blogs gave me the ambition and the inspiration to tackle our entire wedding myself.

But I do have an issue with some of these wedding blogs. I have a difficult time looking at weddings that I know cost atleast 50K, especially in the economic times we're facing.... are these even realistic for the average reader? And most of the 10K and under weddings, are extremely intimate like 50 people in attendance.

Well, what about the women, like me, who had to invite 300 people (for my parents) praying that only 250 show up. I wanted the flowers, good food, the champagne, the DJ, the videographer... I still want all of that but I'm not going to pay $40k. (and I'm originally from a small midwestern town) Where are the weddings for girls like us? Well I would like to point out one wedding blog, that I still do read on a regular basis and she blogs about realistic weddings, Darci at With This Ring. She was one of the 1st wedding blogs I ever read. And I wanted to point out the lovely wedding she displayed last week. Part 1 and Part 2.

Don't get me wrong I love getting lost in the amazing 100k weddings on television and in magazines, but lately not so much.



Anonymous said...

Spending that much on a wedding is ridiculous whether the economy is bad or not. If you're a millionaire, go for it. Otherwise, it's insane.

I eloped. My dress cost $500. The wedding itself was under $300. I got married on the beach and have the most beatiful pictures from the day. I couldn't be happier.

Sara said...

I think that if the person (or likely the family)can afford such a wedding, poor economy or not, that no one should deny the bride that day. It's not our situation to judge. But if what you mean is "why the hell do things cost so much?" that's the problem I was having. We were only going to have 100 people, but every place we visited in Houston wanted $7,000 just for the location and that didn't include food, service or alcohol! For Pete's sake, where are the options for people who want to have a nice wedding but not want to spend $10,000 just on location and food?

Oh, I finished book 5 yesterday and loved it. The way Eric's character behaves with sookie now is exactly what I was hoping for and very endearing. Book 6 is proving to be very good too!

Anonymous said...

I myself don't get the whole big wedding thing. I get that it's a special day and you want it to be memorable, but some of the extravagancies are lost on me.

I love watching those wedding shows on WeTV...Platinum Weddings (ridiculous, but I still watch it!), Bridezilla and Rich Bride Poor Bride are my favorites!

Chic Runner said...

I can tell you that I've worked at a wedding that was 150,000. They asked them to be on platinum weddings but they didn't go on the show. It was RIDICULOUS. (http://www.ceremonymagazine.com/files/featured/OC09/westerlund_grim_iip.pdf) I couldn't believe anyone could/would spend that much money. People in CA are crazy with this crap too.

ThemeWeddingIdeas said...

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AEOT said...

That was MY wedding!! Thanks so much for posting it on your blog!! I just found you through your response to Nina's post today. Hope you had a great weekend!!

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