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Friday, March 20, 2009

Pug of the Week 5

Good Morning to all and a very Happy Friday. And since it is Friday, it means that is time to name the next finalist for Pugapalooza. Today, I am announcing the final finalist for Pugapalooza, and next week I will also show you all the honorable mentions. I was over whelmed with the entries, and its been very hard to narrow them down. All the puggies are too cute for words, and I've tried to select some pug puppies as well as older pugs to spread the love around.

The week's finalist is the extremely cute Buster.

I just adore the birthmark on his little nose. Buster is the proud doggie of Meaghan at Grable Tales. Please head over to their blog and give them some love today.

Buster, like most pugs, can give you a look that is truly priceless. I look at him and he reminds me of a lil man sitting there asking you, "Excuse me, but why are you taking my picture..."

As you know by now, I have a deep love for all things pugs, and I hope in these few short weeks of Pugapalooza, we crazy pug lovers, have been able to successfully recruit you all to our side.

Ms. Meaghan and Mr. Buster, please email me your contact information, Milo and I have a lil something special for you.

And to all my lovely readers out there.... Voting for the winner will begin next week. Since deciding is way too hard for Milo and myself, we're entrusting the decision to all you fine folks out there.... more details to follow.

Have a great Friday and a wonderful weekend...



d.a.r. said...

So cute!!

Mrs. Hanson said...

He's adorable!!

Unknown said...

That makes me want a dog so bad! Husby and I have to wait until we move out of our apartment. Boo!

Chic Runner said...

SO cute! Glad that you picked a good one for the finale. Can't wait to vote.

Lucky in Love said...

Just found your blog! Super cute! Can't wait to read more.

I see you're a Colts fan...are you from Indy originally?? I'm from Speedway...but living in Cleveland now...

rebecca said...

Haha, I love that first picture! Their expressions are priceless!

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