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Monday, March 9, 2009

Vampires, Tigers, and Fairies... oh my...

This weekend I finished the 6th book in the Sookie Stackhouse series and it was wonderful. It was suspenseful and entertaining all at the same time. If anyone is interested in starting a new book series, I highly suggest starting this series.

In the 6th book, Sookie has to go down to NOLA to close on her cousin's (who she hadn't been close with for a long time) estate. Turns out, she had become a vampire and was a very "good" friend of the Queen of Louisiana. Betcha didn't know there was a Queen of Louisiana, well in the make believe world of vampires that I'm currently submerged in there is.

Someone is trying to kill Sookie (nothing new), Sookie is dating someone new who's a real tiger in the sack (that's b/c he is a tiger, for real....), and Bill is a total a-hole.

Oh Sookie... so many supernatural hunky men and so little time.

Which leads me to my question for this post... While I'm reading a book, I visualize the characters, what they look like, their voices, etc. Sara and I began discussing who we thought should play these characters or atleast who we envision playing the characters.

Since HBO True Blood is based on these books (Season 1 is pretty much Book 1) I already had a visual on Sookie, Bill, Eric, Jason, Pam, Sam, Arlene, etc. (Tara in the show is totally different than in the books).

But for all of you out there, who do you think would be the best actors to play the following:

Calvin Norris
Crystal Norris
Debbie Pelt
Queen of Louisiana

For those of you that haven't seen the television show yet.

Here is Eric - I find him to be very close to the book, except is hair isn't as long as it should be. He was a Viking and over 1,000 yrs old. Looks pretty hot to me.

Bill - who I don't like right now, so I can't find anything nice to say about him.Thoughts?


Kate said...

I started reading the first book last week based on your recommendation, and I love it! Thanks so much!

Anonymous said...

Since I was so obsessed with Twilight, I thought I might like these. I purchased the series for my Sony Reader this weekend. I hope to start the first one tonight.

Mojito Maven said...

Well I am only on the second book so I am still trying to form my impressions of everyone. I'm sad to hear that Bill turns out to be an idiot later! i'll have to let you know what i think...

Mrs. Potts said...

I just picked up the 8th book this weekend. I'll start it soon - I have another book I need to finish first.

Unknown said...

I just finished the series and can't wait for book 9 to come out in May. I was obsessed.

BTW, found your blog through Krizzy. Had to comment because I love Sookie. I'm on team Eric too. Especially after book 4 and 6.

Sara said...

I hadn't seen cast pictures yet. I totally love the Eric character. Right on the money I think. I finished 7 a couple of nights ago. Also a hard to put down book. It was excellent. I still love Eric. I think there's something very untrustworthy about quinn still. I just can't put a finger on it. I can't wait for book 8 in the mail

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