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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Book Review

I'll admit I like read all different types of books. My likes can drastically vary from biographical or historical to girlie and down right trashy. It all depends on my mood and the time of year. For the fall and winter I tend to read more serious books and during the warmer months it has to be care free and fun loving books.

To make these even worse, I've started reading 2 books at a time. One for work (when I get a lunch hour out of the office) and one for home (weekends, poolside, travel, etc.) This actually started because I kept forgetting to bring a book back to work and I'd go out to lunch with nothing to read .... oh the horror.

So recently in the past week I have finished 3 books. One I started on our honeymoon and read at work a Nora Roberts book Considering Kate. It was ok, a nice love story but nothing too great. 2nd book - Certain Girls by author Jennifer Weiner who I LOVE. I've read all her books, while this isn't my favorite it is a continuation of Good in Bed (which was wonderful). I bought this book for our honeymoon but didn't start reading it until we got home. I almost completed on the plane ride to Illinois this past weekend, but started to cry on the plane and decided to stop. I finished the next morning, lying in bed at 7:30 trying not to wake up Brent. I bawled my eyes out. Brent thinks I'm crazy for wanting to read/watch things that make me cry. My 3rd book I picked up at Target in Illinois for the flight home Something Borrowed by Emily Griffin. I'll admit, I've seen her books for quite some time and read good things about them, but for one reason or another I haven't been interested in reading them. Well I decided to try her out and it was fabulous. I honestly couldn't put it down. I finished it yesterday after dinner (haven't had any lunches to read on this week). I loved it and I'm going to pick up her 3 other books this weekend to start. I loved her writing style, even though she did use some words too frequently which kinda bothered me.

Side Note: My favorite Weiner book is In her Shoes, I thought the movie did a HORRIBLE job of capturing the book. And there is a PUG in the book, no pug in the movie (2 thumbs down)


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