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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Good Luck Hubby!

* Pic of us in Destin the weekend Lauren and Rob got engaged.

Brent has his 1st SIM this morning for the T-38, actually as I type right now, he should be knee deep into his brief. He was studying hard last night, and I saw he was online so I web chatted with him for a minute, just to see his cute face.
Since he's been crossing training with the Navy for the past 2 years, this is actually his first time going through this with the Air Force, as funny as that may seem. And with that, there are always some differences in how things are done. But he's adjusting well.

He's making friends and influencing people, just like he always does. He is the only WSO in the class, there are 3 Americans and 3 Japanese pilots with him as well. Last Friday, they had some sort of get together at a bar with the squadron that included a lot of drinking and singing. He called me at 7pm and couldn't form sentences. I got a text from him at around 1am saying he woke up and had a lean cuisine meal in the microwave and thought about eating it. Yuck.
Well good luck sweetie. I know you'll do great today and hopefully get to home on Friday :)-


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