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Saturday, August 30, 2008

The Starter Wife

As it typically is when books become movies, televisions shows, whatever... they miss the mark, and I feel they did the same thing with the Starter Wife. Granted, the mini-series that aired last year was enjoyable but was different then the book and that always bothers me.
Especially, when the book was so good. I actually listened to the book on CD last Thanksgiving when Brent and I were driving home from Illinois. Yes, Brent listens to the CD because he didn't have a choice. It was actually quite funny, he kept making comments and asking questions throughout the story. He asked....

"Do women really think like that?"

"Would you wish that upon your ex husband if he cheated on you?"

"Do you talk that way about other girls?"

"Do women hate their bodies that much?"

"Do those ridiculous thoughts really go through your head on a daily basis?"

"Do you and your friends plan to create drama like that?"

The answer to all those questions where of course.... HELL YEAH WE DO.

To that response he kindly responded.... "Well know it makes sense why you're all so freaking crazy. Men never think like that, we don't waste our time"

Yeah, well that's why you're all so predictable....

Anyway - the original point of the post is that they are coming out with Season 2 for show, and even though I'm not happy about their deviation from the book, I'm excited to see what Molly does next. This Saturday they have been re-playing the entire Season 1.


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