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Monday, August 4, 2008

Wedding Inspiration to Reality - Item 2

So first I showed you my bouquet. Now I'll stay within the florals of the wedding and show my mother's corsage.

During the process of planning the wedding I fell madly in love with peonies. I always had a love for hydrangeas so they had to be in the wedding, but peonies they weren't necessarily new to me but I wasn't in love with them. But after blog stalking for a couple of months, the love affair began. I was lucky enough to be getting married in June ( aka prime peonies season). So I knew I had to have them but due to cost I wanted to use them sparingly. So in addition to my bouquet, the mother's corsage and the flowers for Mary's altar also got some peonies love.

So below please see my original inspiration for the mother's corsage from Martha Stewart. I wanted a thick ribbon like that, however my florist wouldn't really do that so for a comprise the florist had a Velcro band that appeared somewhat like line ribbon. It worked well enough.




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