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Thursday, August 21, 2008

I think I'll stick with Bud Light, thank you very much...

So I heard that Jessica Simpson was going to have a new endorsement deal with a small beer company from Texas. Well the ad has come out and its laughable. First off, what's wrong with her face in the picture, is that supposed to be sexy face. If so, I'm totally confused. Now, if that's her sexy face after a 12pk of the beer, well then, that makes a whole lot more sense to me.
Secondly, the tag line leaves something to be desired. I suppose they are trying to play off the fact that everyone think Jessica is dumb, I get that. Heck I watched to the Newlyweds, I believe it too. But still, the ad leaves something to be desired.

FYI - I used to really like her but now she kinda annoys me. Sorry to say. And its so funny that's she is going out with Tony Romo. I went to college with Tony, he was a Sig Pi and I was and AGD, our houses did all sorts of things together, including homecoming. I also hung out with guys on the football team. I'm not going to say that we were friends, we frequented the same establishments and had some of the same friends. My boyfriend freshman year lived off campus with 4 football players (boy could they eat - totally another story). I digress, point being, its funny how small the world is and I can't begin express how awesome it is to see an Eastern Illinois University grad in the NFL. Go EIU!!!


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