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Monday, August 4, 2008

I now take you for my AWFUL wife...

So several funny, crazy, and slightly horrid things happened during the day of my wedding.

1. The custom runners I had made and rented from Colorado didn't show up, found out 2 days before. We ran to Jo-Ann and bought cheap fabric and made them our selves on the cheap. (got all my money back.)

2. The large W's that I ordered per inspiration from Southern Weddings, that turned out to be small wicker wreaths with a small W. And they were covered with dyed green small daises instead of green button mums as requested.

3. OTT gifts - carmel apples, well that didn't happened because of the drama with the runners. My great MOH and I made about 40.

4. My awesome yellow and green damask programs, well the person I bought them from off of esty, even after about 10 revisions, still misspell "church" on the front cover.

5. My bustle broke 10 minutes into the reception, luckily we were able to safety pin it together.

6. No one opened the front doors to the reception venue. I didn't realize this until the reception was over.

7. I bought a 2nd dress from French Connection to wear during the reception, however I never changed. Because no one brought in my suit case with my bra.

But #8 - was actually kinda funny and not horrid at all. Here are a couple of pics to demonstrate.

During our vows my lovely husband totally misspoke. Instead of repeating, I take you to be my lawfully wedded wife. He said " I take you to be my AWFUL wife". Everyone started laughing including the priest. He could hardly contain himself. Brent felt horrible and asked if he could do it again. Which we did.


Muffy said...

Awww! This is lovely!

Troy and Rachel said...

Haha omg these pics are great. When I got married my husband said yes instead of i do...haha it was hilarious.

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