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Thursday, August 21, 2008

It's about FREAKING time....

It appears they are finally taking action on the "underage" girls on the Chinese gymnastic team. Thank God, I mean seriously those girls in no way shape or form look 16. As a 28 year old that regularly gets asked if she's old enough to drink don't take it to personally ladies if you aren't underage (which you totally are)...


FYI - Last week I was at Target and the cashier (an older gentleman) saw my ring and said " Oh girl, are you really married...."
I responded, "Why yes I am. Just got married in June."
He said, "Wow, you look young. I thought maybe you just graduated high school."

Me: "No, I'm 28 years old...."
Him: "Wow you don't look it"
Me: "Yes I get that all the time...."
Him " I bet you do, you don't look that old"
Me: " Yes, I know."
Him: "You're really 28?"
Me: "Yes, sir. I'm really 28."
Him: "I'll be..."
Me: "Yes, everyone saw I'll be so happy when I'm 30 and people still think I'm in my 20s."
Him: "Yes you sure will..."
Me: "Perhaps, but I'll be 30 and I won't be happy about that..."

FYI - I joke with my hubby that he won't have to trade me in on a younger model because I don't look my age....


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