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Friday, August 15, 2008

Keeping my fingers crossed

I'm so excited, Brent might be coming home next weekend. Luckily, there is another WSO at Columbus with Brent that came from NAS P'Cola. He has been there a couple of weeks so has been able to help him out so much. Seeing how Brent is the only WSO in class (since he was suppose to go to Randolph AFB) he was kinda clueless on what was going on. Anyway, the other WSO is trying to come home to P'cola next weekend and asked Brent if he wanted to go. Hell Yeah he wants to home. I'd be up there in a second, except I need someone to watch the dogs, and we just had someone watch the dogs last week when we were gone for the wedding. Our next door neighbors said they would, but Charlie is seriously a handful and I don't feel like I know them well enough. Granted they watered our yard for us while we were gone but, coming in the house several times a day, is a little different.

So this weekend, should be interesting. I have some yard work to do, I started it the other evening, but its been raining here like crazy so I had to stop. I'm going to cut down alot of the vines that have covered our side gate, cut back the crazy plants that grow in our back yard, and weed. I would mow the yard, but we're paying the neighbor boy to come over ever other Saturday to pick up the dog poop and mow the yard (b/c I didn't want to do it. yes, I'm kinda lazy). After Charlie leaves with Brent for Randolph, the poop situation will be easy.

In addition, to the yard work I need to do a serious amount of laundry and clean our house. Its times like this I really miss Brent, he actually likes to clean its totally crazy.

So to give myself alittle enjoyment this weekend I do have some shopping to do.
1. Go to Michaels they are having a sale on all seasonal items - I stopped during lunch the other afternoon. I loved the green hydrangeas, I bought 1 stem to see how it would like in this large wicker vase I have in the corner of the living room. So I think I'll need to buy at least 5 more to fill it. Also, shopping for frames for wedding pics and seasonal decor. I have my eye on some mini squash to go into my glass jars from the wedding.

2. Pier 1 is having a sale - tons of awesome pillows are 50% off. I only buy pillows on the cheap - because Charlie likes to chew the corners on them.

3. TJ Maxx and Tuesday Morning - oh I haven't visited you in a couple months since before the wedding.


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