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Monday, August 11, 2008

Wedding Inspiration to Reality - Part 3

So next up for the 3rd installment is the cake. Since we were having cupcakes to keep costs down and the cake wasn't really going to be that big of a deal, we had a small 3 tier cake that would feed generally 40 -60 people. My inspiration was from the one and only Martha. See image. However, since "W" was an ever running theme in the wedding, I added a W to the cake and green colored ribbon that I bought for $1 from Michael's in their discontinued ribbon bin. We added green and white hydrangeas to the tiers. Overall I was happy with the outcome. However there were a couple of problems.

1. The dark ribbon began to show the icing seeping through. I didn't want fondant b/c to me it can taste gross.

2. The baker didn't add the flowers exactly like I would have liked.

3. The icing they painted the W with didn't match the cake exactly.


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