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Friday, August 22, 2008

Keeping my fingers crossed....

* Pic above from our honeymoon zip lining adventure. You can't tell behind him but it was pouring down rain. And yes, we did the whole zip line in the pouring ass rain. Before we headed out they offered everyone coffee in these tiny cups. I don't drink coffee but Brent said it was horrid.

Spoke with the hubby 1st thing this morning. We have a 50/50 shot that he's coming home this weekend. I should know more by this afternoon.

Hopefully, it all works out and he'll be here by 8 o'clock or so. Then there will be plenty of this....

I have a running joke with him, that after he's gone I begin to run low on kisses. So he needs to come hope and "fill up the tank" so to speak...


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