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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Book Review

So as I said earlier, the summertime is the time for my "light" reading. Light meaning fun, girly, and sometimes trashy reading. And with the summer coming to close and I needed to get another one in. (Granted I live in FL so the summer and the heat is far from over down here).

As I had previously mentioned, I continued to read Emily Griffin books - this time selecting Something Blue. This book is a sequel to my much loved, Something Borrowed. To be honest, I had some initial reservations on the book, seeing how the main character of the sequel was the character from the first book that I down right hated, Darcy. But the author, as she did in the first book, makes you want to cheer for the underdog, even though they are extremely flawed and you know that karma has totally slapped them in their pretty lil face.

Not to give anything away in either book, but I fell in love with Darcy by the end of the book. She's a handful and always got exactly what she thought she wanted. During the book, she realized the best things can't be planned and mistakes often create the best surprises in your life.

I highly suggest them. However I have chosen to not read BabyProof instead I'm eyeing her 4th. (FYI- 3 and 4 are not continuations of the first 2 books)

But, my next book selection is a little off course - I'm going to start the Twilight series by Stephanie Meyer. I hear wonderful things about it, so I have pretty high expectations. And with Harry Potter movie being pushed back till 09 and Twilight pushed up to Nov 08 I thought no time like the present to start. FYI - I know I'm 28 yrs old but I seriously love me some Harry Potter....


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