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Friday, August 1, 2008

I love me some CANDY!

As I stated earlier, coming from a small town some of the items I integrated into my wedding were "different" or as some people would kindly say while explaining my plans... "oh that's interesting" which is kinda saying "what, why are you doing that".

Anyway, the next item that was considered to be different was my candy buffet. Yes candy buffets are not new or exciting in the world of wedding blogs, however to my wedding attendees it was. I enjoyed collecting all the glass containers that will be holding fake fruit, sea shells, and/or Christmas ornaments throughout the year. I also enjoyed picking out all the candy. The bulk of the candy came from http://www.candywarehouse.com/. I would totally recommend them, they were easy to work with, candy came in a timely matter, and was extremely fresh. One thing that is nice about their website is that you can search for candy by colors. The additional candy (Andes mints - personal fav of mine) from Walmart and the white chocolate covered pretzels from Sam's Club. We bought 2 boxes of the Nestle brand.

To decorate the table I used a white table cloth, a green runner purchased from Wal-Mart - on sale after Easter (I bought 3 of them in white, yellow, and green), silver metal trays from the Dollar Tree, white bags from http://www.papermart.com/ (which I stamped with a W stamp), a frame I purchased from TJ Maxx with the famous Willy Wonka quote, and a small pug figure (shout out to my Milo who couldn't be in attendance).

Have a look I'm pretty pleased with the way it turned out. Granted its not as elaborate as some candy buffets but I wasn't going for over the top.


Unknown said...

so sad I missed the candy buffet....You know me & candy are tight...;)

It turned out fabulous! I love seeing your pics from the wedding!

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