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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Mmmmm..... Cupcakes!

So one thing I decided early on in my wedding planning process was to have cupcakes. 1st and foremost to keep costs down, initially we expected to invite about 400 or so people. Well with getting kicked out of our 1st reception venue, that many people was not an option. (which to be completely honest, I was thrilled about, I didn't want 350 people there)

Just some of my inspiration.....

I digress - so we invited about 325 to the wedding/reception and about 275 showed up. As I stated early cost was a consideration, but all the bakeries in my area charged a minimum for a basic cake at $2.25 - $2.75 per piece price so for 300 people at 2.25 that $675 for a freaking cake and Brent and I don't really even like cake that much.

My 2nd reason for the cupcakes was to be a little different. Granted, cupcakes can be seen on blog after blog, but where I am from, believe it or not, it was a radical concept. We still had a small 3 tier cake to cut, but everyone had cupcakes at their place settings.

I ordered 300 cupcakes half chocolate with yellow icing and half lemon cake with green icing (theme of reception lemon/lime aka yellow/green). We picked up the cupcakes the day before the wedding and bought them to the reception venue. I had purchased 300 small plastic candy bags from Hobby Lobby. I had also already made tags (yellow, green, peach in color) stamped with a "With Love" stamp in silver and put small ribbons through each of them. These tags were to tie each bag closed. Also to add another little interest, we bought candy lemon and lime slices. We had a lemon slice to the green iced cupcakes and lime to the yellow. They were adorable.

And my lovely, wonderful bridesmaids spent half of a day putting them all together. After they were done we put the yellow cupcakes on the yellow runners and green on the green runners.

* images of set up day and night before wedding


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