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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Are you Ready for some FOOTBALLLLLL

Yes I am. One thing that may come surprising to some people is I am a HUGE NFL football fan. Specifically, I love the Colts. To be honest, I wasn't that into professional sports before moving to Indy after college. Living in Indy, which is totally a sports city, I don't think I had a choice. So now, I'm totally die hard Colts fan. Every Sunday, you know where I'll be.... watching football. That's another reason that I'm really going to miss Brent. Sundays were are day, to make a good lunch or dinner if the game was on regular TV. Or better yet, head to the bar and watch all the games simultaneously and drink beer. Oh those are the best Sundays. Well, better go the Colts are on.....

FYI - Brent and I totally ran into Peyton Manning downtown Indy at Champ's. I was like "Dude, that was totally Peyton Manning that just passed us coming out of the bathroom" The waiter says he comes there after every away game, hangs out eats some food and watches ESPN. I'm totally a dork, but it was awesome....

P.S.... I have so much TV on tonight, thank god for the DVR and multiple TVs. Football, VMAs, Man Men, and Entourage.... what's a girl to do.

Ughhh.... do I really have to go to work tomorrow :(


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