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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Weekend Wrap Up

Brent came home this weekend, and it was so great to see him. It is a wonderful change to be sharing a bed with him again. It's nice to roll over and have him there, it is comforting and a needed change.

Friday night we went to the new Chinese Buffet that opened close to our house. Its the 2nd time we ate there, it is surprisingly good and has a lot of options. After that we stopped off and loaded up on dog food. We came home watched a couple episodes of The Tudors (my new DVDs from Netflix) and played a rousing game of Scrabble. Yes, we are dorks, but we get into some mean Scrabble competitions. I successfully kicked his butt, he wanted to quit 3 times, but I wouldn't let him.

Saturday we headed to yoga, met some of our friends for a late breakfast at Bagelhead's (a cute lil bagel/coffee shop near the water), took the dogs to the Vet, and then bought our books. We got home and low and behold our wedding DVDs were in the mailbox. YEAH!!! Needless to say I popped that sucker in and Brent proceeded out to weedwack the yard ( I don't know how to do it and the neighbor boy I pay to mow the yard doesn't weedwack).

Saturday night we headed out to dinner at the FishHouse in Pensacola. We had a great time and the food was wonderful. Brent actually talked me into eating sushi, I have always disliked it. But we had Alaskan Rolls, and I liked them.

Side note: Not being from the South I didn't realize that Brent and I matched, wearing Navy and Orange (Auburn colors) and Auburn was playing that night. The hostess asked if we were Auburn fans. We're from what we call the Midwest, but southerns call the "North". I'm new to the "dressing up" that occurs for sporting events.

Take me to a football game, I'm wearing a t-shirt, jeans, and tennis shoes. My friend Lauren, who is from Chicago, is marrying a great guy from Atlanta, got a crash course on the attire when they went to her 1st Georgia football game. He didn't warn her, and she felt totally out of place.

Funniest part - when Lauren and I met in college, she told me that I was the "most southern" person she knew ... since I was from Southern Illinois. She made fun of what lil accent I had then... How I say soda instead of pop, etc... Now, she's marrying Rob who is totally a southern gentleman.... Its totally cute and ironic and I love it.

And in case you're wondering.... I successfully finished off the bottle of Sophia and it was good.


Unknown said...

you guys are such dorks! but we miss you guys so much!

yes I should be a platinum card holdr at the ER.. Kids are getting better..SLOWLY.

The Adventures of Maverick & the Mrs. said...

hehehe! where i'm from, we don't say 'soda' or 'pop'--everything is a coke. so glad your wedding dvd finally came in!

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