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Friday, September 26, 2008

Let the Randomness Commence

Well, its been a really crazy day, and I'm so glad its the weekend. Work was ridiculous today, and as I drove home I realized that Brent wouldn't be there to comfort me. But I gave him a call and he let me bitch for the next 10 minutes.

But now I'm home and happy to be. I'm decompressing with big glass of vino and trying to chill the hell out.

Well to start I've been tagged by Muffy. So thank you Muffy, I've really enjoyed reading your blog and your nice comments you leave me.
Ok so let's get down to business....
1. I don't like eggs or "white milk". I actually I hate them, but I will eat raw brownie batter and French Toast and I'll also eat cereal. I love chocolate milk though. I know it doesn't always make
2. I had purple colored hair at one time in high school, actually "plum" low lights throughout my hair. I actually liked it. I was totally into (and still like) punk rock and ska music including Rancid, Social Distortion, Operation Ivy, Might Bosstones, etc. FYI - I was also a cheerleader. Key Club, Beta Club, Scholar Bowl.
3. I took dance lessons for 8 years, tap, jazz, ballet, and toe shoe ballet for 2 years. P.S. I hated every second of toe shoe ballet.... I regularly competed in dance competitions and did a couple of pageants. Yes I did pageants, only a couple and no I'm not posting any pictures....
4. I don't drink coffee. I love the smell of it but I don't like it at all. But I do love my Sugar Free Red Bull, and that's what I drink every morning at my desk at work....
5. I am the youngest person ever hired at my current employer. When I started I was the youngest person by atleast 10 years.
6. I love trivia games and 80's movies. I was on the quiz bowl team from 5th grade through High School and was the captain of my sorority's team during Greek Week. I'm a total nerd.... that's ok. I kick ass at Trivia Pursuit and Scene It.
7. I spent a month in Australia the summer before my senior year of high school, with People to People Student Ambassadors. It was one of the best experiences of my entire life.
Ok now I have to tag 7 people... Do I know 7 people.... I'm just going to shout out to my fellow military wives.

Sorry my hyperlinks aren't letting me set them up...
She has a great blog and I know several people that will be headed out to WA state in the year or so to fly Prowlers.

She has a wonderful blog, and I loved her wedding blog before. She is a fellow USAF wife.

Lovely Mandy @ http://www.navigatorwife.blogspot.com/ , sorry girls she's private. And I miss her and her kids dearly... She left me in P'cola and moved to Texas. Her hubby and mine went to OTS together. He went B-1s and they'll be in Texas for the next couple of years.

Michelle @ http://www.oeilphotography.blogspot.com/. She is a great photographer, who is extremely talented and sweet. She took our engagements pictures and my boudoir pictures. She recently moved to Jacksonville from P'cola when he husband finished Officer Training this summer. Also, her sweet lil boy Pepe is sick and in the hospital. I am keeping her and Pepe in my prayers.

Any other military wives out there... I love to meet you all.


Muffy said...

OMG!!!! I was totally into ska and punk too! It was the coolest thing EVER in 1998!!!!

Kate said...

1. I really only like milk in cereal or chocolate milk (which I am addicted to!).
7. Yay for Australia!! Random but my friend came to visit me while I was there and the People to People kids were on her flight

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