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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

My favorite thing about FALL

I love Fall, but living in the South I generally don't get to appreciate fall. We have 2 seasons - Summer and Winter, or at least it feels that way.

But I know its fall when I see my most favoritist (not a word I know) treat in the local grocery.

Caramel and Candy Apples!!! OMG I love them, I crave them, and I was actually, really and truly, upset last year when I realized the stores stopped carrying them in November. Now I know what you're thinking.... "Why Heather if you like them so much why don't you make them yourself that way you can have them all year around...." Wow that would be an excellent idea, except for the fact.... that I totally lazy and don't want to. I'm what they call an instant gratification type of gal.

So I bought 2 boxes of them - that will hold me over for 6 days. I have to have 1 day, I mean it is kinda good for me, its fruit and protein with the nuts. Its practically a health food.
Pardon me... I have to eat one right now...

Milo doesn't understand my love for the caramel apples. Yes my dog sleeps on the top of the couch, and is a little upset that I wanted to take his picture.


Unknown said...

tell hell with the candy apples! where is a pic of your new do?

ps. I remember you going crazy over the apples last year! I might have to et me and Lex some once she is feeling better.

Unknown said...

ARGGH! Thanks for getting me to crave these things again! SIGH... the eating season is almost upon us once again!

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