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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Remembering Sept 11th

Tomorrow is Sept 11th, a date that will live in the minds and hearts of all Americans forever. It is truly the first time period in my life that is a "where were you when it happened".

For me, it was my senior year of college. I was in Buyer Behavior class that started at 8:00am (central time). My roommate and I got home right after class. Our 3rd roomie, Kim came running out the door totally disheveled and running late like usual. "Heather your mom called, something happened, I think we might be at war." Jessica and I were totally confused, but with Kim you could never quite tell what was going on.

We walked into the apt, and our 4th roomie Laura was glued to the TV. What was going on, we didn't understand and couldn't comprehend what we were watching. And I didn't know if I should go to the rest of my classes or not. Some of our teachers did know what had happened. They acted as if it was business usual, and I suppose it was since they hadn't turned on a television yet. We had lectures like usual, I even had a freaking pop quiz in my stupid MIS class. (FYI - the next class, the teacher threw all the tests away. I guess everyone failed. He apologized b/c he didn't know what had happened. That class started at 10:30am)

As the day unfolded, things got scary and unknown, and I began calling people I knew that lived and worked in the city. I didn't get to talk to anyone, but left messages for them. Everyone turned out to be ok.

The next few days were even stranger. We were glued to the television, trying to learn everything that was to learn about what was going on. No joke, CNN was on our TV from 7am until we went to bed, for a week or so.

It was , and still is, totally shocking that it happened. It is truly scary to think that a group of people hate our country so much that they were willing to kill themselves and over 2,000 people to prove something disgusting, deplorable point.

Everyone of those people have a story, and over the years I tried to read a lot about them. The mothers, fathers, children, police officers, stock brokers, cooks, janitors, CEOs, fireman, there was no discrimination in who was taken that day. And then, there are so many other stories of heroism and courage, that are just as mind boggling and inspirational.

So today, the eve before the day that will live in infamy forever I ask everyone to take a moment and read one of these Americans' stories and if possible, make a donation to one of the great charities.


Unknown said...

To Hell with Oprah, I bawled reading your blog! I will never forget.

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