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Monday, September 29, 2008

Book Review - Eclipse

I just finished the 3rd book in the Twilight Saga, and I loved it. I do admit that I found the 2nd, New Moon, disappointing. So I didn't quite know what to expect for the Eclipse.

But, I'm happy to say that is was great. Its.... Vampires and Werewolves and Serial Killers... oh my.

The Edward-Bella-Jacob dynamic is interesting and complex. While, I did at times find her annoying and self-serving, by the end of the book I could deal with her better.

While Edward is a charming, dark knight that lives and loves "the old fashioned" way, Jacob is a breath of fresh air to Bella and to the reader. I find him funny and very entertaining. You get the opportunity to see more into the "pack" and the tribe. I enjoyed getting a peak into the back stories of the vampires and the pack. I also enjoyed learning the old tribal "legends" and understood how Bella could be touched and see the irony of the story of the "3rd Wife".

But my only dislike in the book, and it tends to be this way in her books I've learned, is she doesn't provide much details in the fight scenes. While her description is still vivid at times, I'm a detail oriented person. She builds the climaxes of the stories for a long, long time... and then its over. Its a little disappointing, but I've come to expect it now.

So now I'm onto the 4th and final book... Breaking Dawn. I will say that I'm excited to be on the final book so I can move on to a different type of book but I'm also excited to see what happens to Edward and Bella.... will she or won't she.... that is the question.


Mojito Maven said...

I am so glad to hear you say that you liked Eclipse better than New Moon because I felt like New Moon was a huge let down and I found Bella annoying, especially with her "please don't ever leave me or I'll just die" attitude. I found it a bit much. I haven't started Eclipse yet but I plan to this weekend. Thanks for the review!

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