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Monday, September 22, 2008

Discount Diva

Hi. My name is Heather and I'm a Shopaholic. There I've admitted it, but its something I've known all along. But I would like it to be known, that I'm always looking for a bargain. Also, moving to P'cola where my shopping options are extremely limited and the fact that I'm short, narrow shoulders, and big booty, I can't really rely on online shopping too much because I need to try things on.

That being said, I love Target as does most of the world. Unfortunately, I miss my Super-Target near my old apt in Indy like no other... but I'm dealing/coping.

Anyway - today I'm sporting a cute lil number that I bought at Target. I've also bought it in Black as well. I'm a firm believer if you like something and it fits perfectly buy it in multiple colors/fabrics/etc. So I do and I did.

I've paired it with my Franco Sarto Metallic Brown leather/wood platforms which I bought 2+ years ago at DSW (which I don't have any near me in P'cola) and they look a lot like Michael Kors wooden platforms. Additionally, I'm wearing large gold hoops from Old Navy and my White leather and Wicker large Coach purse. Its my go-to for the summer and its still summer down here...

P.S. Side note, I got an XS, it made me smile... especially since I know I've gained back 5 lbs or so since the wedding... damn it...

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