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Sunday, September 28, 2008

My lil Boys...

I have become the kind of woman that talks about her pets as if they were her children. I suppose that's because they are my children.

This weekend, they've been very lazy.... along with the mama.

Milo thinks that he is a human and likes to sit at the kitchen table. Last night while I was eating/watching TV he was busy manning the backyard from the kitchen.

Milo also has an affinity for plastic bags. I had came home with some new pillows for the bed and he proceeded to rip the plastic bags off of them when I wasn't looking and run around the house at top speed.

And Charlie for his part, chased Milo and then took the pillow that was getting the heav ho, decided that the floor was not comfortable enough...


Muffy said...

HAHAHAHA! Too cute! I love pugs!!!

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