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Friday, September 19, 2008

Weekend Essentials

So per muffymartini's suggestion I headed to Cost Plus World Market over my lunch break. Yes, I call it by its full name, I always have and always will. Some of my friends make fun of me.

Anyway, she was ranting and raving about the explosion of all things pumpkin so I went with the intention of taking a look at the decorations, and ended up with with I normally end up with BOOZE! That's right, I bought 2 arms full over booze. I love their selection of sparkling wines and champagne. I'm a champagne and white wine gal, sorry not a huge fan of reds.

So I bought Brent's favorite And then I bought some of my own...

Now I have only had Sofia once before, but I really liked it. I was totally excited because the last like 10 times that I have been to Cost Plus World Market (see I did it again), they have been sold out. I have not yet had the Rose Wine but I am excited. There is a vineyard near Indy that had the best Rose Wine so I'm hoping it will be similar to theirs.

FYI - Veuve Clicquot is my favorite champagne but it can be pricey. But, its on sale right now, at you guessed it, Cost Plus World Market for $37.00. I was going to get a couple of bottles, but I thought I had enough booze. I have 2 bottles of Pinot Gringo in the pantry and a couple bottles of white wine from our wedding (we only used wine from the area's local vineyards, a blog for another time.)

So now I can't wait to get home and put that baby on ice.... Have a great weekend everyone, and Drink Up! Salud!


Muffy said...

YAY! You heeded the sage advice of the Muffster!!! I ALWAYS call it by the full name too!

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