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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Television - my addiction

Ok, first off thoughts on Man Men on Sunday.... Oh Betty has totally lost her sh!t, huh? Love it... Father Gill is going to get the good on Peggy sooner or later. Don Draper is quite a liar. And how much do these people drink, seriously....

FYI - for Mad Men lovers start checking out the following blog.

One Tree Hill.... OMG I cried the entire episode.

GG - pretty good, I really want to like this show, but right now I just love to look at Chase and the clothes.

The Hills - is it me is or Heidi morphing into an alien? It looked really fake last night, I think I might be almost done with this show.... yeah your right... probably not.... p.s. did Lauren have sort of a mustache last night? I thought so, and then I saw something about it on Perez this morning....


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